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Grosse Pointe Women's Diagnostic Center

Grosse Pointe Women's Diagnostic Center. Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M). The Grosse Pointe Women's Diagnostic Center is the first in our area to offer advanced 3D mammography for breast screening designed for early cancer detection. Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M).

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Grosse Pointe Women's Diagnostic Center

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  1. Grosse Pointe Women's DiagnosticCenter Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  2. The Grosse Pointe Women's Diagnostic Center is the first in our area to offer advanced 3D mammography for breast screening designed for early cancer detection Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  3. Evidence suggests that breast density is a strong risk factor for developing breast cancer and for more aggressive types of breast cancer. In fact, the risk is 4-6 times greater in women with density in more than 75% of their breast. Problem worth solving Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  4. Digital breast tomosynthesis,(DBT)3-D mammography, allows more accurate viewing of dense breast tissue by eliminating the overlapping effect associated with the regular digital mammogram Our solution Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  5. The service area is the Grosse Pointe area that comprises of five small communities called the Pointes. The number of invasive female cancers of the breast and deaths are significantly higher in Wayne County outside of Detroit than the state rate. Target market 20,000 Target Market Women Found early 98% will survive the five year survival rate Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  6. Competitive landscape Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  7. Referring physicians will be notified • Targeting Obstetricians/Gynecologists • Family Practitioners, Internists • General Practitioner’s • General Surgeons and Oncologists Sales channels Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  8. Press release to local TV news • Web sites • Brochures and Postcards • Phone advertising(while on hold) • Health fairs /Other sponsorship activities Marketing activities Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  9. Capital funds will be obtained through the Radiology Department • Revenue: Annual: $695,000 • Expense for Hologic Dimensions upgrade: $150,000 • FTE: 1 mammographer- Salary $60,000 • 1st Year Profit: $485,000 • In addition, to these profits this upgrade will provide more efficient work flow which create more patient volume • The business will return to stronger profits and gross margins after the acquisition Financial projections Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

  10. Milestones Catherine Alvarez BAS R.T. (R)(M)

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