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Antique furniture store

Created in 2002, REVIVAL is a purveyor of antiquities, home furnishings, lighting, and luxury gifts -- reaching back to the past to move forward into the future. Anchoring the south end of Chattanooga's historic Warehouse Row, REVIVAL also houses a design team adept at crashing ancient objects against modern upholstery u2013 a signature of the modern emporiumu2019s design approach.

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Antique furniture store

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  1. Buying antique furniture items for home décor is an amazing venture. An item is termed as an antique when it is almost a century old. It can bring classy feel from old times to your home. Antique items possess a distinct character and sense of history. The presence of a unique item in your home can reflect your love for old times, personality, and style sense. Just imagine the kind of unique feel and style, a 100 years old lounge chair or an antique table would bring to your indoors. Sounds amazing, right? What are you waiting for? Just take a look at our checklist for buying antique furniture before you go for research about antique furniture store and make a purchase from it. Here is a checklist for buying antique furniture: Notice the price tag: When you are going to buy an antique, always consider the price before making any decision. You are not just buying a piece of furniture from old times but a treasure from the past era. If you find it at a very cheap price that’s a miracle, which doesn’t happen a lot these days. Chances are that you are buying a fake item. So before making any purchase, give it a reality check so you don’t end up buying a fake antique piece of furniture. Give hardware a check: Before buying any item from the antique furniture store, give it a thorough check. Try to check its hardware. Consider the quality of the hardware. Don’t go for worn item, you might have to spend more money on repair of the item as compared to the purchase price of antique. Also, check the hardware pieces and material to verify the authenticity of the item. If you find rusted and old nails in rust free holes; it means you are inspecting a fake antique piece of furniture.

  2. Insist for a proof: While buying antique furniture, ask the seller for a proof. A proof which could verify the era of manufacture of the item. This proof can be anything like a signature, a label or a stamp. Don’t leave any confusion unaddressed before making a purchase of antique furniture. This would help you in acquiring authentic and verified antique items for your home décor. Prior research: Prior research is necessary before purchasing any antique furniture piece. You can do your research about the style, trend and manufacture method of any specific era from the internet easily. This would help you in getting know-how about popular trends and styles of a specific era and verifying the authenticity of the antique piece of furniture. Prioritize what you love: You are not investing in anything instead you are acquiring class and style of old times. Don’t think about getting a return on investment as the value of antique items can also fluctuate anytime. You should buy an antique piece of furniture as per your liking. Always buy the item you fancy about because you have to live with it. Don’t be materialistic in this matter rather prioritize your love and make a purchase of things you like and want to spend time using them. Making Purchase of antique furniture shouldn’t be taken for granted. There should be proper research behind any purchase of antique furniture to verify the authenticity and quality of the item. We hope our checklist would be useful for you in buying antique furniture items.

  3. Best of luck!

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