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Android Game Development

Android Game Development. by Andres Acevedo. Advised by Professor Victor Milenkovic. First Mobile Game. Nokia 6110. Snake : pre-installed on device Developed in 1997 by Taneli Armanto - Nokia Monochromatic 4 directions keys. Portable Games. Mobile Game devices. Handheld game systems.

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Android Game Development

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  1. Android Game Development by Andres Acevedo Advised by Professor Victor Milenkovic Android Game Development

  2. First Mobile Game Nokia 6110 • Snake : pre-installed on device • Developed in 1997 by TaneliArmanto - Nokia • Monochromatic • 4 directions keys Android Game Development

  3. Portable Games Mobile Game devices Handheld game systems • Mobile Phone • Smartphone • PDA’s • Handheld computer • Portable Media Player • Gameboy • Playstation Portable • Nintendo DS Android Game Development

  4. Merging Evolution • Mobile game devices are becoming more fully functional gaming systems. • Cheap manufacturing costs • More powerful devices (memory, processors, storage) • Evolution of the Smartphone • Nokia N-Gage (2003) -Fail • Introduction of the iPhone (2007) Android Game Development

  5. Why Mobile game Development? Personal Interest in Games and Graphics Growth Market in Mobile devices Support from developers community and device manufacturers to develop mobile applications Recently added tablet computers to markets Android Game Development

  6. To Consider when writing Mobile applications • One window for input and viewing • Limited resources • Screen size • Processor speed • Memory RAM • Storage Android Game Development

  7. Frameworks • Is a software structure used by software developers to implement into applications • Designed for certain types of applications • Easy access to standard tools used in games – Game Frameworks • AndEngine: • Widely used in Android game development • Examples, tutorials, community, etc… Android Game Development

  8. Game Idea/Design • Runner • Sprite moves at a constant velocity collecting points • Obstacles • Maximum points when the map is cleared in the shortest time & points are collected (sprite points) • Actions to avoid obstacles • Jump • Climb • Jump back Android Game Development

  9. How did I implemented? • Maps • Visual layer & physics layer • TILED for creation of tile-maps • xml files are loaded • Parallax background with several layers at different velocities to produce a depth effect • Physics properties of the world • Box2D physics engine (C++) • Use of native methods to import code. • Used tile ID’s to determine the properties of different properties of the tiles • Optimization of solid physics tile creation into bigger bodies Android Game Development

  10. Tile-Map ID’s-properties 1 8 48 Each tile has an ID Tile with specific ID’s will become physics bodies If tile with physics object are together horizontally it will create a lager one instead of smaller ones together Android Game Development

  11. Sprite control Sprite is encapsulated in physics body Android Game Development

  12. Sprite Control • Movement • By reading actions on screen impulse and velocities are applied to body • Sprite is follows physics body location • Constant horizontal velocity (positive linear velocity) • Accelerometer control values allows to modify action after touch input took place (Climbing) Android Game Development

  13. Sprite Animations Sprite sheet loaded Time for each sprite image are modified individually Animations take place depending on input action and sprite location on the world. Android Game Development

  14. Sounds • Sounds are loaded resources using the AndEngine audio Manager. • Play • Pause • Stop • Reset • Music plays in background upon scene is loaded and paused when the game scene is stopped • Sound effects take place when input actions are recognized upon touch • Linked to the sprite actions Android Game Development

  15. Points System • Sprite Collection – Coins • Coin has a value that modifies a variable • When collected, sprite disappears and adds $X to a variable. • Time • Map has initial time value • Update handler decreases time by one every second until time reaches 0. • Each Second has a $X value, the more time left, more points • Score • Score is computed once level is cleared values are taken from time left and points collected Android Game Development

  16. Android Game Development Demo

  17. Android Game Development Questions?

  18. Android Game Development Thank you

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