iconic representations of the holy cross n.
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Iconic Representations of the Holy Cross PowerPoint Presentation
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Iconic Representations of the Holy Cross

Iconic Representations of the Holy Cross

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Iconic Representations of the Holy Cross

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  1. Iconic Representations of the Holy Cross This picture was taken from clip art. There are many different cultural representations of the Holy cross. In most western cultures it is associated with the Christian belief. But many other cultures also use the cross symbol to convey their own ideas of faith.

  2. Latin Cross • The Latin cross was first developed by the Roman Catholics. ( Didron,1851) It was officially used as a design layout for churches. This picture was taken from

  3. Greek Cross • The four parts of this cross symbolizes; Charity, Silence, Scientific and Spiritual Knowledge. ( Chenoult,1988) It is also viewed as a world axis leading in the direction to the divine. This picture was taken from google images

  4. Ankh Cross The Ankh Cross is ancient Egyptian and symbolizes life ( Stewart 1998) as well as it’s creative energies and essence. It is also used to represent the eternal life and light. It is the mystic union of the sun, earth and sky. This picture was taken from www.absoloute

  5. Celtic Cross The Celtic cross is an Irish Pagan symbol and stands for nature and the circle of life ( religious facts,n.d.) Each of the four points represents four directions: East: rebirth,youth,spring and growth. West: knowledge, experience and autumn South: vitality, vigor and summer North: wisdom, silence, winter and death This picture was taken from

  6. Maltese Cross This image was taken from The Maltese cross is taken from the Knights of Malta who lead the Christian crusade ( Mackley,2003) each point on the cross represents eight points of courage: Loyalty, piety, generosity, bravery, glory/honor, contempt of death, helpfulness towards the needy and respect of Christ.

  7. Design Rationale My aim was to create a slide show that would use the design principles of unity and balance for this is what my topic represented. Using the textbook The Elements of Design; I tried to convey via typography and color as well as positioning the images and text to flow to have a sense of peace and harmony throughout the work.

  8. References Google books • Parthenopes Splendor: Art of the golden age in Naples, issue 6921, by Jeanne Chenault, Published by Mary Louise and Jack King, 1988, Pennsylvania. • Christian Iconography: Vol 1, by Adolph Napoleon Didron, Published by H.G Bohn, 1851, Michigan. • Dictionary of Images and Symbols in counseling, by William Stewart, Published by Jessica Kingsley, 1998, England • Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Part 1, By Albert G Mackey, Published by H.L. Haywood Kessinger, 2003 Websites www.

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