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Icelandic Festival of Manitoba PowerPoint Presentation
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Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

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Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

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  1. Icelandic Festival of Manitoba 125th Annual ™ I s l e n d i n g a d a g u r i n n

  2. Introduction • I am the 2nd Vice President of the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba • Cameron Arnason is the President of our Festival and he asked me to bring greetings to this Convention. • Our Board includes myself, Cam, Janice Arnason, Robbie Rousseau, Lauren Arnason, Robert Arnason, Tim Arnason, Tammy Axelsson, Joanna Blais, Jenna Boholij, Harley Jonasson, Cindy Sylvester and Kathi Thorarinson-Neal

  3. History of the Festival • The Icelandic Festival takes place in Gimli each year on the August long weekend. • This year Islenðingaðagurinn takes place on August 1st through 4th, 2014 • The 2014 Icelandic Festival Fjallkona is Hedy Bjornson.

  4. Something for Everyone • The Festival includes many events and activities. • Viking Village, Wonder Shows Midway, Live Music, Beach Volleyball, Pancake Breakfast, Sandcastle building contest, Isendingadunk, Folk Festival, Fris-Nok, Poetry, Art Show, Cultural Pavilion, Amma’s Kitchen, 1 and 10 mile road Races, Family Sports, a Parade, Fireworks, a Traditional Program and much much more!

  5. 125 years to celebrate • The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba is 125 years young! • 2014 is the 125th consecutive year for the Icelandic Festival. • Throughout 2014, special programs are taking place.

  6. Enhanced Celebrations • A Gala Dinner took place on February 15, 2014. • Partnering occurred during the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival • A special piece of symphonic music has been commissioned. • Enhanced Icelandic Festival programming will take place on the Festival weekend in August.

  7. Fundraising Campaign • As part of the celebrations in 2014, the Icelandic Festival has launched the 125th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. • Donor recognition will take place in a renovated new Viking Park which will be located in the area where the Viking Statue stands in Gimli.

  8. Icelandic Festival 125th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign Our campaign is based on the following components: • Investment for enhanced 125thanniversary celebrations; • Creation of Viking Park and beautification of the area around the Viking statue, Manitoba’s most iconic cultural symbol; • Contribution to the Icelandic Festival Endowment Fund with the Winnipeg Foundation to ensure the preservation of the Festival for years to come.

  9. Viking Park • The park will become a permanent legacy to recognize the community of contributors, both corporate and individuals who have paved the way over a century of success. • Corporate and individual donors will be acknowledged by a series of customized paving stones, benches, gardens and landscaped areas as well as naming rights to what is now tentatively being called Viking Park.

  10. We intend to take the area around the Viking statue from good…

  11. To great! In true Viking fashion, a powerful, permanent and pleasing park will be available for many generations to enjoy.

  12. Conclusion I look forward to seeing all of you at the Icelandic Festival in August. Or possibly at our Viking Open Golf Tournament on June 20, 2014 in Gimli at the Links on the Lake Golf Course.