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Johan Sterte, UNICREDS 2011-01-18 PowerPoint Presentation
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Johan Sterte, UNICREDS 2011-01-18

Johan Sterte, UNICREDS 2011-01-18

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Johan Sterte, UNICREDS 2011-01-18

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  1. Partnership between a university, the municipalities and the business world in the north part of Sweden Johan Sterte, UNICREDS 2011-01-18

  2. Some questions that I will try to answer • Why are we here? • Where are we? • Who are we? • What do we do? • Why do we do it? • How do we do it? • With whom do we do it? • Can any conclusions be drawn from this? • More questions – your questions

  3. Why do we have universities? The University Mission comprises, as prescribed in the Higher Education Ordinance: • Education • Research Universities are also to cooperate with the surrounding community, give information on its work and disseminate research results

  4. Our vision With worldclass research results and study programmes that challenge and liberate each individual’s full capacity…we contribute to the development of tomorrow’s society…

  5. space main campus art/media wood science

  6. Facts about Luleå University of Technology • Founded 1971 • Turnover EUR ca 150 million • 14000 students • 1,400 employees 150 professors 500 teachers & researchers 516 doctoral students** • Two faculties: Faculty of engineering and Faculty of arts and social sciences 54 %Research 46 %Education

  7. External financing

  8. Direct research funding from industry Anders Henriksson, okt. 2010 Källor: Högskoleverkets databaser, årsredovisningar

  9. The University – our strengths • Leading-edge research • Applied research • Multidisciplinary • Focus areas and development areas • Our geographical location - climate • Warm and welcoming

  10. - Luleå University of Technology’s strength is its leading-edge research, with close ties to industry, in important growth areas such as product development and high-performance steel. Leif Östling, CEO Scania Examples of leading research • Mining engineering and metallurgy • Renewable energy production • Distributed product development • Process IT • Customer-oriented construction engineering • Materials Science

  11. What is required in order to create a prosperous partnership? Win-Win-Win! Univ. Industry Municip. - Common interests - Mutual understanding of goals - Trust

  12. But it takes time… • to reach the level of interaction required to achive an understanding of each others goals and limitations • to create arenas for interaction at the university level • to create organizational models for joint research programs • to reach the degree of mutual confidence required in roder to work together in a constructive manner to change from an ivory tower to an integrated part of society

  13. And it requires interaction and engagement form all parties and at all levels • Almost all formal groups (boards, committes, steering groups, reference groups etc.) at the university have relevant external representatives. • The university leadership participates in a large number of regional boards and committes • Research is performed in about 20 research centra involving the university, industry and public interests • We have 45 adjunct professors sharing their time between industry and the university • External parties participate in education. Parts of the education is given outside of the university • A large number of informal meetings take place Let the outside in and yourself out

  14. University Board The university board consists of 15 members, the Vice-Chancellor being member ex officio. Eight are external members, including the chair. They are appointed by the Government, for three years. The university teachers have three internally elected representatives. Three representatives are appointed by the Student Union.

  15. Personal regional engagements Member of the Regional partnership in Norrbotten Member of the board of LNAB Member of the board of Lunova AB Member of the board of Swerea-Mefos AB Member of the board of Bio4Energy Member of the board of Centre for Interorganizational Innovation Research Member of the board of Solander Science park Member of Norrbottensakademin And that’s just me Informal meetings with politicians, industrialists, public servants… Participation i external arrangements…

  16. Research centers – an excellent way of cooperation • Organizational model for leding edge research through close cooperation between the university and external parties within the private and/or the public sector. • - Tied to a department at the university • - Board dominated by external representatives • - External chairman of the board • - Manager employed by the university • - Projects mainly manned by university personnel • Finansing dominated by external funding • All partcipant contribute in cash or kind

  17. Examples: FASTE-laboratory Lean Wood Engineering, LWE Process IT Innovations Hjalmar Lundbohm Research Centre, HLRC Centre for Risk analysis and Risk management, CRR Centre for Automotive System Technologies and Testing, CASTT Centre for High-strength Steel, CHS Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology, CDT Centre for Distance-Spanning Health-Care, CDH Luleå Railway Research Centre, JVTC Centre for Maintenance and Industrial Services, C-MIS Nordic Wood Centre … Centres -- an excellent way of cooperation

  18. The road to commercialization Within LTU Outside LTU Companies partly owned by LTU Holding Student or employee Business lab and incubator Venture cap Companies ABI AB Lunova AB LTU Innovation IPR • Catch and develop ideas • Idea verification • Financing • IPR support • Legal counseling • Evaluate business ideas • Help with start-up • Provide: • guidance in good business practices • creative office environment • business network. • Provide seed capital • Give business advice • Help find business partners

  19. New companies related to LTU, some examples.. • In Aurorum Business Incubator: • Behaviosec AB (from LTU) • Snow Power AB (fromLTU) • Absilion AB • CVK AB (fromLTU) • Likolo AB • D-Flow Technology AB (fromLTU) • Oricane AB (fromLTU) • Netix AB (fromLTU) • Tannak AB ( from LTU) • In BusinessLab: • E-Secure (fromLTU) • KYAB (fromLTU) • 3e Flow (fromLTU) • Laminat (fromLTU) • Bill tracking • Dwayze – mobile services • VTMS – Vehicle Tracking • Management System (fromLTU) • Revitrack (fromLTU) • Solander SP – bio fuel Exampes of succesful business: - Marratech - sold to Google for 12 MEuro - Nordnav - sold to Cambridge Silicon Radio for 55 MEuro A number of new companies are entering the Business Lab, all from LTU

  20. Conclusions - Higher education and research is a prerequisite for regional development – an awareness of this is crucial - In order to utilize the potential of higher education and research for regional development, partnerships between university, public interests, and the regional business world are essential. - The establishment of partnerships requires common goals, a mutual trust and an organizational structure securing influence of all parties - The establishment of partnerships is facilitated by involvement of external persons in the governance, research and education of the university and of university personnel in external interests. The university is part of the society and the society is part of the university – we are playing in the same team