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Keeley Consulting Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Keeley Consulting Services

Keeley Consulting Services

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Keeley Consulting Services

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  1. Keeley Consulting Services

  2. Air-conditioning and refrigeration Maintaining the condition of your refrigeration units and the temperature of your work spaces is vital for your operation’s efficiency -- whether in terms of productivity and cost. Simultaneous with your business running smoothly, the technology maintaining the climate must also strongly support your operation. At Keeley Consulting Services, we integrate our extensive experience in the industry with the available technology provided by world-class refrigeration and air-conditioning companies. This allows us to develop the precise and proper system for your requirements, while remaining centered on managing your costs and footprint on the environment to the minimum.

  3. Air-conditioning Producing a climate which is conducive to working, acceptable to staff and customers and appropriate for your business is vital to the viability and progress of your enterprise. Whether it concerns small office establishments to big warehouses, our engineers have the knowhow and track record in utilizing the most advanced and most efficient technology to provide and sustain specific air-conditioning solutions with consistent, dependable results.

  4. Refrigeration If your operation depends on products or its working environment run at an exact temperature level, it is essential to have the right refrigeration technology you can trust, every moment of the work-day. We possess the unequalled experience in the design, assembly and management of refrigeration systems, whether from small refrigeration units for frozen and chilled product storage, to extensive refrigerated environments for food processing and operations.

  5. We provide the following refrigeration needs: • Temperature-controlled and pressurized pack-houses and food processing operations • Cooling of Process Water • Low humidity storage facilities / High humidity rapid-chill chambers • Racked chilled or frozen storage equipments • Temperature-controlled cooling and dispatch areas • Tailor-fitted systems for laboratory needs and research-oriented environments • Design and Installation • Since the requirements of each enterprise vary from one another, proper design of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems to suit those needs is vital. Hence, at Keeley Consulting Services, we conduct a thorough facilities inspection and consultation with our clients before developing each particular solution.