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Designing a Hotel Management App PowerPoint Presentation
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Designing a Hotel Management App

Designing a Hotel Management App

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Designing a Hotel Management App

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  1. Designing a Hotel Management App Your daily hotel guide! By: Negestt, Palmer, and Ryan

  2. What is this App? • Allow you to book/reserve rooms • This app allows the customers to book rooms and customize what they want, remove, or exchange in their room. • Check the status of your room. • Hotel Management even when away The goal for this app is to help satisfy incoming guests, making sure everything is good before and during their stay.

  3. How do we make such an app??? Using 2 Cloud Based Service we will design this app and make it a reality. • Our first Cloud Based Service is to help us build the app, called Codiqa. • Our second Cloud Based Service is called MyCloud PMS • Optional (Using any type of video communication, examples; Skype, Oovoo, etc...

  4. What is a cloud based service?? • Cloud based service is a nice way to never lose your images, files ever again! • When you upload any files on a cloud based service, you are basically uploading them onto the internet. • Though when uploading these files of yours to the internet, anyone can access them. • There are benefits to using cloud based service especially if you’re running a business. You can share files amongst your employees, allowing them to view the files, and edit them if needed. • Cloud based service help keep business in order, and everyone inform.

  5. Codiqa is a drag-and-build mobile app and website cloud based service site. • Used by 100,000 + business in over 150 countries. This site offers an easier way to build apps, and it’s also less time consuming. • You are able to customize the layout of your app and site or you can also choose from a selection of components already given.

  6. You are able to customize the layout of your app and site or you can also choose from a selection of components already given. • It’s so easy! you can design the layout simply by dragging the component onto your screen, or use a mouse. • Codiqa also has a cloud based visual editor allowing you to import, export or edit HTML/CSS/JS and keeps track of every changes you make.

  7. As this is a cloud based service, you can share your project amongst other team members, developers, and designers alike. • Those who can view your project can edit (if you allow editing) or comment on your project. • You have the option to track users clicks, views and actions. Other option include mobile redirection, etc… • Upon finishing your app or website, you can choose to make the app (only) public or only to a select few. • (No absolute positioned boxes and no black box code)

  8. MyCloud: how does it help hotels? This is a way to keep things organized. • MyCloud offers record checking on. • Room reservation,etc..: This tracks all incoming guests date arrival, date leaving, time of reservation, etc... • Changes in room: keeps the manager inform of all changes in the room, examples; room service, cleaners, or request from guests, etc... • Revenues: Money earned (obviously) • A tab that can be used for schedules, for request of guests or task for staff workers. • You can share files with workers.

  9. MyCloud: how does it help guests? • A quicker way of reserving rooms either for just for yourself or large groups of people. • You can also cancel rooms if you want to • You can also check the status of your room availability or you can quickly call them for any other concerns • Request specific items that you want in your room. • Easier to call for room services, also allow you to look at menus that are in the hotel.

  10. Codiqa and MyCloud With both of these cloud based service within our palm of the hand, we can make our app realistic. We just use all the function MyCloud can offer and turn into an app using Codiqa, and even make a website, etc…

  11. Optional • In my opinion i prefer to use video communication as an alternative to editing projects. • Sharing files are helpful indeed, but with video communication like Skype, oovoo, etc… you can verbally agree or disagree, while editing at the same time.