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Nadežda Andrejčíková

Nadežda Andrejčíková

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Nadežda Andrejčíková

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  1. Technologies Serving Libraries Nadežda Andrejčíková

  2. Content • Environment changes • Web2.0 - Library2.0 • Ontology • New chanlange for librariens

  3. Begin of the internet Simple text, static graphics • „PC era“ 1970-1990 • PC • Windows • Mac OS • E-mail • Usenet • FTP • IRC • Gopher • BBS

  4. WEB - all borders and bariers was broken, - our catalogues and collections we moved from PC and local network to the global network, - new environment for presentation, communication, promotion, bussiness, . - ...

  5. Web 1.0 Pushed web, text, graphics animated gifs, wider content • „Read only web“ 1990-2000 • URL • HTTP • HTML • XML • ASP • JAVA • JAVASCRIPT • FLASH

  6. Web 2.0 Two way web, blogs, google, wikis, video, podcasts, sharing, personal publishing, 2D portals • „Read write web“ 2000-2008 • AJAX • ATOM • RSS • OPEN ID • LONG TAIL • MASH UP • FOLKSONOMY • SOAP

  7. WEB2.0 ... WEB 2.0 =

  8. WEB2.0 - basic idea - sharing of the content - sharing and exchange of the information - social network - Pleace, where enybody can find something for him - Place with out the border and any other limits from real life - Method of the understanding Web services, which are part of global information system

  9. Web 2.0 - no products, only solutions typical services:Googles Search, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, AdSense, Wikipedia, Blogs, RSS, YouTube, Flickr,, Last, CalendarHub, MushUp, ... This services we can divided to : services for content creation – wiki, blogs, photos, video, music ,... and services for sources agregation – RSS, ATOM, ..., Services for tagging, folxonomy creation, rank, ...

  10. Web 2.0 and library The library web page – RSS, chat, add photos, notes, podcast to the events, personalization, ... OPAC – personalization, alerts, RSS chanel, taging, folksonomy, ranking, review and coments, sharing resources, integration of other resources, MashUp, ...

  11. We can define area for our interest search, we choice what we would like to search

  12. Web 3.0, 4.0 .... Semantic databases, semantic search, distributed search, inteligent personal agents • „Web OS“ 2007  • 3D PORTALS • INTEROPERABLE PROFILES • MEDIA FLOWS • AVATAR REPRESENTATION • SOCIAL SOFTWARE • VIRTUAL WEB WORDS

  13. Semantic web Its aim is that the data contained on the site weren't only processed by the machine, but also readable, so that is to be given a clear sense and sw agents could search the web site on base the importance of information.

  14. Semantic web bus

  15. Ontology Ontology is the science of what is, of the kinds and structures of objects, properties, events, processes and relations in every area of reality. For an information system, an ontology is a representation of some pre-existing domain of reality which: - reflects the properties of the objects within its domain in such a way that there obtains a systematic correlation between reality and the representation itself- is intelligible to a domain expert- is formalized in a way that allows it to support automatic information processing

  16. Ontology and Library • FRBR • FRAD • CIDOC - ISO21127

  17. FRBR Functional requirements for bibliographic records objectives: - to provide a clearly defined, structured framework for relating the data that are recorded in bibliographic records to the needs of the users of those records - to recommend a basic level of functionality for records generic tasks (when searching and making use of bibliographies and catalogues): - to find - to identify - to select - to obtain

  18. FRBR structure: - entities - attributes - relationships entities: - group 1: work, expression, manifestation, item - group 2: person, corporate body - group 3: concept, object, event, place

  19. FRBR WORK is relized through EXPRESSION is embodied in MANIFESTATION is exemplified by ITEM

  20. FRBR WORK EXPRESSION MANIFESTATION ITEM is owned by PERSON is produced by is realized by CORPORATE BODY is created by


  22. FRBR in practic

  23. FRBR in practic

  24. FRBR in practic

  25. FRBR in practic

  26. FRAD Functional requirements for authority data objective: - to provide a clearly defined, structured frame of reference for relating the data that are recorded in authority records to the needs of the users of those records - to assist in an assessment of the potential for international sharing and use of authority data both within the library sector and beyond structure: - entities - attributes - relationships

  27. General model 1 FRAD bibliographic entities family person corporate b. associated with expression work manifestation item object concept event place assigned known by name identifier

  28. General model 2 FRAD identifier name basis for basis for registred in registred in controlled access point variant heading authorized heading explanatory heading referenced from referenced from registred in registred in governed by registred in reference record authority record created / modified by rules govern applied by explanatory record agency created / transcribed / modified / issued by uncontrolled access point

  29. ISO21127 ISO 21127 is a domain ontology for cultural heritage information: a formal representation of the conceptualscheme, or “world view”, underlying the database applications and documentation systems that are used bycultural heritage institutions. It is important to note that this International Standard aims to clarify the logic ofwhat cultural heritage institutions do in fact document; it is not intended as a normative specification of whatthey should document. The primary role of this International Standard is to enable information exchange andintegration between heterogeneous sources of cultural heritage information. It aims to provide the semanticdefinitions and clarifications needed to transform disparate, localized information sources into a coherentglobal resource, be it within an institution, an intranet or on the Internet.

  30. ISO21127 The specific aims of this International Standard are to: ⎯ Serve as a common language for domain experts and IT developers when formulating requirements. ⎯ Serve as a formal language for the identification of common information contents in different data formats;in particular to support the implementation of automatic data transformation algorithms from local toglobal data structures without loss of meaning. These transformation algorithms are useful for dataexchange, data migration from legacy systems, data information integration, and mediation ofheterogeneous sources. ⎯ Support associative queries against integrated resources by providing a global model of the basic classesand their associations to formulate such queries. ⎯ Provide developers of information systems with a guide to good practice in conceptual modelling.

  31. What does it mean for Library - librariens?

  32. Authority and ontology Authority Tezaury Dictionary

  33. Matematic example Církev a blouznivci(book) Materialisace (art) Váchal, Josef(writer) Váchal, Josef(artist) Církev a blouznivci(book) Materialisace (art) work Váchal, Josef Váchal, Josef

  34. Example of authority records SYS j0000892 LBL 00000nz--a22^^^^^n--4500 003 MUZ 005 20080526235504.8 008 080131-||acz||aa|n-----------b-aa-----sd 040 $a OGV $b cze $d CMVU $d RML 100 1- $a Váchal, Josef, $d 1884-1969 500 1- $7 muz_us_auth*0000053 $w i $i Příbuzný $a Aleš, Mikoláš, $d 1852-1913 510 $7 muz_us_auth*0000871 $a Portmoneum - Muzeum Josefa Váchala 511 2- $7 muz_us_auth*0000869 $a Josef Váchal $d (14. 9. 1967 - 15. 10. 1967 : $c Olomouc) 511 2- $7 muz_us_auth*0000870 $a Josef Váchal ve sbírkach Galerie moderního umění $d (12. 1. 2006 - 19. 3. 2006 : $c Hradec Králové) 670 $a PNP-LA 670 $a Biografický archiv $b biografická poznámka-doplnění 678 0- $a Narozen 23.9.1884 v Milavči u Domažlici, zemřel 10.5.1969 v Studeňanech uJičína. Grafik, dřevorytec, spisovatel, filozof.

  35. Autority+ • unique selection fields • more detailed data structure • aditional relationship betwen data

  36. Autority+ CIDOC/CRM vs. MARC21 Personal name: Váchal, Josef, 1884-1969 Biography:Born 23.9.1884 at Milavečnear Domažlice, died 10.5.1969 at Studeňanynear Jičín. Graphic artist, wood-engraver, writer, philosopher. E67: E67+P4=E52, E67+P7=E53 Birth: 23. 9. 1884, Milaveč E69: E69+P4=E52, E69+P7=E53 Death: 10. 5. 1969, Studeňany

  37. ISO 21127 Entity - E52 Time span - E4 Periods - E50 Date - E63 Begening of existncis - E67 Birth Vlastnosti P4 has time-span (is time-span of) P98 - - brought into life (was born) P1 is identified by (identifies) Property - > Entitiy domain- > Entity range

  38. ISO 21127 - entity example E63 Beginning of Existence Subclass of E5 Event Superclass of E12 Production, E65 Creation,E66 Formation, E67 Birth E81 Transformation Scope note This class comprises events that bring into existence any E77 Persistent Item.It may be used for temporal reasoning about things (intellectual products, physicalitems, groups of people, living beings) beginning to exist; it serves as a hook for botha terminus post quem and a terminus ante quem. Examples The birth of my child. The birth of Snoopy, my dog. The formation of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The construction of the Eiffel Tower Properties P92 brought into existence (was brought into existence by): E77 Persistent Item

  39. Example P131 je identifikovaná ako E82 Označenie aktéra (Váchal, Josef) E21 Osoba P98 narodila sa E67 Narodenie ...(23.9.1884) E24 Fyzický umelý výtvor P100 zomrela E69 Smrť ...(10.5.1969) P16 využívala objekt E41 Označenie (Josef Váchal ve sbírkach...) P1 je identifikovaná ako E7 Akcia P7 prebiehala kde E53 Miesto ...(Hradec Králové)

  40. What could be possible • www interface which will be able acces to the knowledges across to the memory institutions

  41. Kam smerujeme

  42. Questiones time ?

  43. Thank you for your attention Ing. Nadežda Andrejčíková Cosmotron Bohemia s.r.o. Pančava 11 69501 Hodonín