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Encantado :

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  2. Pink Dolphin of the Amazon Encantado:

  3. SFA Story: Author: Text: Instructional Goals: Reading: Team Cooperation Goal: Encantado: Pink Dolphin of the Amazon Sy Montgomery Expository Cause and effect (CE) Help and Encourage Others

  4. Why do we read? To be informed To follow directions To be entertained

  5. We will be doing… • Fluency • Adventures in Writing • Student Test • Team Score Sheets • During the day, put your scores on the Team Score Sheets

  6. Team Cooperation Goal Help and Encourage Others

  7. athletic Very physically active – someone that plays many sports. Kobe Bryant is very athletic, he is physically active.

  8. perched Seated in a high place – sitting up high. The high wire clown was perched on a wire above a crowd of people.

  9. twist turn – bend. I saw I guy twisting at the fair, he was bending his legs and hands around his neck.

  10. surrounded enclosed – gathered around. Yesterday I was surrounded by my dogs, they were all around me.

  11. explore search – look, find out or discover. My dad explored the moon last time he blasted off into outer space, he wanted to explore!

  12. threatened In danger – scared, wary. When I was in fourth grade, I was threatened by other students, I was scared and wary.

  13. Vocabulary Vault

  14. Reading Goal: Cause and Effect Imagine what would happen if somebody stopped brushing their teeth. They would get cavities You’ve just made a cause and effect connection!

  15. Cause and Effect When Frederica and her brother Jim took their dog Lucky to obedience school, Frederica brought her cat Sniffles along, Jim told her he didn’t think it was a good idea to bring a cat to a school full of dogs, but Frederica said she would keep Sniffles in his box and everything would be all right. She didn’t want Sniffles to be lonely while they were at the class, which was held in the high school gymnasium.

  16. Everything went fine at class for half an hour. Lucky learned how to play dead along with the other dogs. Sniffles sat quietly in his box. Frederica got tired of sitting still with Sniffles’ box in her lap, however. She stood up to stretch out her legs and dropped the box on the floor. The box’s door opened and Sniffles ran out excitedly into the center of the gym. Fifteen dogs who were playing dead in a circle suddenly saw a cat in their midst. “Uh, oh,” Frederica said. Twenty minutes later two firemen with a tall ladder were rescuing Sniffles from the beams at the top of the gymnasium. The dogs had chased Sniffles around the gym until he climbed a rope to the ceiling. IN all the excitement Lucky had forgotten how to play dead, how to heel, how to sit, how to speak, and how to fetch. Lucky and all of his classmates had to start school all over again. “I told you it wasn’t a good idea,” Jim said. What is the Cause and Effect connection in this passage?

  17. SQRRRL Survey Questions Read Restate Review Learn

  18. SQRRRL Map

  19. Let’s look for some Cause and Effect connections! 17

  20. Survey the book • TPS a Question you would ask Sy

  21. Team Talk • What is the cause of the Amazon flooding every year? • How do the kids get to school when the Amazon floods? • What is the main idea of this passage? • Encantado means “enchanted” in which two languages?

  22. Partner Read p. 422-423 15 minutes • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you • Discuss with team words you clarified • Find vocabulary words • Record Main ideas and details on your Tree map

  23. Team Discussion-15minutes • Discuss answers to team talk questions • Write answers to question 2 and 3

  24. Class Discussion • What are some of the words you clarified? • How do the kids get to school when the Amazon floods? • What is the main idea of this passage?

  25. Adventures in Writing 15 min Imagine that for half of every year your house floated on the river. What would you do on the raft. How would you get to school every day? Describe what you daily life would be like on a raft. Discuss with your table first.

  26. Scoring Guide You answer the question 25 points Your answer explains or describes with at least two details 25 points Your answer makes sense and has Part of the question in it 20 points Your answer is written in complete, correct sentences 20 points Your writing has correct capitalization and punctuation 10 points

  27. Vocabulary Practice

  28. Fluency5 min Pg 422 & 423 paragraphs 1

  29. Fluency Rubric 100 points Expressiveness Smoothness Rate and correctness 90 points Smoothness Rate and correctness 80 points Rate and correctness 70 points Correctness