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Song of Houston Mexico 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Song of Houston Mexico 2010

Song of Houston Mexico 2010

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Song of Houston Mexico 2010

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  1. Song of HoustonMexico 2010 In conjunction with the anniversaries of Mexican Independence and Revolution in 2010, Song of Houston celebrated with inspirational projects which brought together educational partners, community organizations and collaborators through new works, art projects, storytelling and butterfly gardens.

  2. A Way Home A bi-lingual, one-act opera about a young girl’s journey between the two cultures of her parents, set against the backdrop of the Monarch butterfly migration. Composer: Ethan Frederick Greene Librettist: Irene Keliher HGO’s 40th Commission presented in conjunction with Song of Houston Premiere: Discovery Green, March 2010 Tour: Opera to Go!, Spring and Fall 2010 Miller Outdoor Theatre performances, Spring 2010 for 7,333 students Winner of the 2011 Brabson Composer Competition

  3. Songs, Stories and Artthe journey to find home A series of projects over 18 months were created, composed and compiled in response to the following questions: • What defines home? • Is home where you were born, where you were raised or where you live now? • Is home a food, a style of music or a particular scent in the air?

  4. Cruzar la Cara de la Lunathe first-ever Mariachi Opera A bi-lingual story about an elderly Mexican-American man living in Houston who, on his death bed, reveals to his grown son and teenage granddaughter that he left a second family in Mexico when he immigrated to the United States as a migrant worker. He yearns to be united with his family and return home like the Monarch butterfly. Composer: José “Pepe” Martínez Text: José “Pepe” Martínez & Leonard Foglia Book: Leonard Foglia HGO’s 41th Commission presented in conjunction with Song of Houston Premiere: Wortham Theatre Center, November 2010 (in concert with Mariachi Vargas) Staged Performances : TalentoBilingüe de Houston, December 2010 By invitation: Chatelet Théâtre Musical de Paris, France, September 2011

  5. KUHF and HGOco Collaborations-highlights- • . The Refuge (2007) • One minute segments interviews for two weeks leading to performances • Front Row interviews with artistic team creators which were included in the CD. (A project which continues for most HGO projects.) • . Live Broadcasts (2008 to present) • Concert of Arias competition • Chorus! An opera simulcast • Cruzar la cara de la Luna – concert at the Wortham Theatre Center • . Recordings (on-site and in-studio) • HGO Girls Chorus Concert • Courtside (new East + West project)