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Nokia Developer Marketing

Nokia Developer Marketing. Proposal FV component 7 th December 2011. 01. The Present – Current Trends. Thanks to Nokia, there is building momentum for Windows Phone. 1128 global employees at R/GA 179 of them are developers 100% want Nokia to rock WP 7. We asked them some questions.

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Nokia Developer Marketing

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  1. Nokia Developer Marketing Proposal FV component 7th December 2011

  2. 01 The Present – Current Trends

  3. Thanks to Nokia, there is building momentum for Windows Phone.

  4. 1128 global employees at R/GA179 of them are developers100% want Nokia to rock WP 7

  5. We asked them some questions

  6. 81% develop apps afterhours54% have worked for an indie dev shop

  7. 41% are .NET developers47% of those who aren’t want to learn

  8. Windows Phone apps by R/GA already in the Marketplace

  9. What would get our devs moreinterested in Windows Phone?

  10. 1. Awesome platform2. Monetization Opportunities3. Stellar Documentation4. Real-time Support5. Data About End Users6. Eventsshow stats/ranking

  11. Power Up The Platform Consumer and developer embrace of Windows Phone is already off to a promising start.

  12. It’s Only Begun….. • With Nokia’s longstanding relationship with consumers in Europe. Asia, and Africa, Windows Phone is finally poised for serious adoption. The critical success and early sales results of the Lumia series appear to be the harbinger of sea change.

  13. Strong Start, Massive Potential • As demonstrated by the success of Android and iOS, the size and appeal of app stores is closely correlated to device sales. Windows Phone is only one year old, and the potential to build an ecosystem of value between hardware and services is finally beginning to realize.

  14. Amazing Hardware, Compelling Utility • As Nokia mounts its consumer offensive through both emotional and tactical appeal, developers will also need to be courted with amazing and useful resources in order to rebuild relationships.

  15. Challenging Strong Ecosystems • Microsoft, Nokia, and other partners are battling two advanced mobile ecosystems that have built value for consumers and developers. The groundwork laid in 2012 will be pivotal in lifting the next great platform.

  16. Tapping Into Community We found inspiration in social efforts to bring people together around great content or experiences, and in companies that are innovating their efforts to connect with developer communities.

  17. Device Ecosystems and Next Generation Support • Microsoft is off to a strong start in winning developer community mindshare through the promise of cross-platform opportunities like Xbox, the Windows 8 tablet, next generation outreach on Twitter, blogs, etc, and dedicated incentive programs.

  18. Social Outreach and Real Time Q&A • Brands have been opening up social media command centers to understand and participate in communities, and respond in real-time. With this infrastructure in place, Microsoft is able to monitor digital chatter and respond to key stakeholders. Twitter provides a rich opportunity for developer evangelism, like when the Director of the Windows Phone Developer Ecosystem stepped in to personally offer support for a prominent and disgruntled BlackBerry developer.

  19. All Brands Need a Social Ecosystem • Now more than ever, consumer brandsare engaging audiences on a range of social media platforms, tailoring the narrative to each medium. For example, luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman’s only has one New York retail store, but excels at showcasing its allure and e-commerce offerings across channels. In addition to lively blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages, Bergdorf’s shares photos on emerging platforms like Instagramand Lockerz, provides shopping tips and fashion insight on YouTube, Tumblr and Hunch, and runs promotions on Foursquare, Polyvore, and beyond.

  20. Technology Meets Creative Through a Social Ecosystem • The Creator’s Project is a great example of how a brand can create an authentic connection with technology and cultural innovators. They’ve also done a great job at raising awareness and building momentum by ensuring content distribution across a range of channels in including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, mobile apps, etc.

  21. Channel It • Microsoft’s Channel 9 is a great resource for all things dev, and similarly, they’ve built an ecosystem to reach their audience, wherever they are.

  22. 97% of R/GA developers use Stack Overflow. 70% are power users.

  23. Building on Stack Overflow • Since so many developers have flocked to Stack Overflow, a growing number of support forums have been adopting the Stack Exchange platform. For one, Facebook moved its outdated developer forums to Stack Exchange. AskDifferent is a popular iOS discussion forum that is also built on the same platform, relying on its familiar, clean Q&A interface.

  24. Social Coding Sites: Loyal Audience & Kudos • Developing code is an increasingly social endeavor, and sites like github and ohloh are enjoying swelling userbases.Theintegration of leaderboards and scoring not only gives more motivation to participate, it helps outsiders see who the community’s strongest influencers are.

  25. Embracing Hackers • Microsoft has gone to great lengths to shed its closed, corporate reputation, and has made strides by embracing the hacker community. Developer group Chevron Labs actually worked with Microsoft to create an “official unlock” for Windows Phone. After countless examples of brilliant Kinect hacks surfaced, Microsoft has officially opened the door to innovation, even sponsoring competitions like the Kinect Accelerator.

  26. Some APIs Won’t Wait • Apple is much less keen on letting hackers mess with it’s precious OS, but that hasn’t stopped developers from diving into Siri; one developer created a beautiful hack to start his car with Siri. In the Windows world, a developer named KeyboardPhas figured out how to have his Windows-based computer play music simply by saying the name of the song he wants to hear.

  27. It Takes More Than Contests To Fire Up The Kids • Perhaps more than any corporate hackathon, major social movements have motivated today’s young programmers to create tools that address immediate concerns, like the bevy of #Occupy apps and web hacks, or the Sukey app created during the London student protests.

  28. Let’s Hear It For the Ladies • There is a growing movement to engage more ladies in tech, like #changetheratio. Women are still woefully under represented in the programming ranks, and a growing number of hackathonsare being organized by women and for women.

  29. Cultural Engineers • Honda's Dream Factory launched a touring exhibition that brought together a group of 'Cultural Engineers': individuals and collectives committed to technology, design, science and sustainability. Partnerships with The Guardian and Contagious Magazine raised awareness about the effort.

  30. App Trends and Opportunities In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the ability to take action around key trends in today’s mobile landscape is of paramount concern to developers.

  31. Open Graph For Deeply Social Mobile Apps • Since the future of the mobile web is decidedly social, the opportunity to develop deep experiences with Facebook is clearly attractive to developers. Nike+ GPS, Audio Vroom, and Flixster are just a few iPhone apps that have showcased what can happen.

  32. Mobile Gaming Goldmine • Mobile gaming is revolutionizing the entertainment industry, making it more social and ubiquitous for consumers, and more profitable for developers. Thanks to the mature native gaming framework that Windows Phone shares with Xbox, Microsoft’s OS has a strong development platform. Seamless integration between mobile games and Xbox/Windows framework is bound to be a major differentiator for consumers and developers alike.

  33. Mobile Payments Are The Future 2016 will be the year when UK shoppers will be able to use their mobile phones to pay for things on the high street - Money: The Digital Tipping Point’ Report, PayPal/Forrester, November 2011 • With the introduction of Google Wallet and the growing adoption of Square in the U.S., the burgeoning market for mobile P2P payments from (from Venmo to AmEx’s Serve) and mobile gaming payments (Zong, Boku), and with NFC capability built into more and more devices, the future of the mobile wallet is near. Access to these capabilities will provide new and attractive monetization opportunities for developers.

  34. Connecting Developers and Culture • There is a growing opportunity to bring technologists together with creative communities, and help shake up industries that are in need of a digital overhaul. Mozilla organized a hackathon between filmmakers and devs around Popcorn.js, Mozilla’s HTML5 media toolkit designed to amp up online video interactivity. The OpenEMI effort is also interesting as it offers a new way to think about music, mobility, and entertainment apps.

  35. Visualizing the Benefits • Making the benefits of a platform, channel, or service abundantly clear are paramount to winning stakeholder support, as Nokia has done with showcasing its app store reach. Google’s project Our Mobile Planet is a great example of how a brand can help make data more convincing and easier to leverage.

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