chapter 9 a free people n.
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Chapter 9 A Free People PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 9 A Free People

Chapter 9 A Free People

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Chapter 9 A Free People

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  1. Chapter 9 A Free People Vocabulary: Mount Sinai Miracle Manna Ten Commandments Ark of the Covenant

  2. Israelites were happy to be saved by God from slavery in Egypt. They began journey to Canaan by passing through the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula ( triangle of land that connects NE Egypt and NW Arabia and S Palestine) • Moses led Israelites to Mount Sinai- mountain peak in southern Sinai. • God tested faith of Israelites. Israelites would forget and turn from God because they did not understand why God asked them to do it. God would forgive.

  3. God would perform miracles( extraordinary event that is beyond human power and brought about by God. • Miracles- water at Marah, birds, manna, water out of a rock • When Israelites obeyed good things would happen. When they turned from God they faced hardships.

  4. Israelites were consecrated to God-”they were a kingdom of priests, a holy nation” God appeared to people at Mount Sinai- clouds, smoke, thunder and lightning, trumpets, and mountain trembled. God asked Moses to come to top of Mount Sinai

  5. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments - laws of new covenant first 3 deal with Love for God last 7 with Love for Others Moses and Israelites sealed the covenant by sacrificing young bulls and agreeing to follow 10 Commandments.

  6. Symbolic Numbers 40- days and nights praying to God by Moses Days of Noah’s flood Jesus spent 40 days praying in desert 12- tribes of Israel Pillars of the stone altar built by Moses Apostles of Jesus

  7. Covenants • Sinai Covenant • Promise that Israelites were a special people • Must follow 10 Commandments • Sealed with sacrifice of young bulls • Sign of Covenant- Ark of Covenant • New Covenant • Promise we will share in God’s life (heaven) • Must follow laws of church • Sealed with the blood of Jesus • Sign of Covenant- Eucharist ( manna)

  8. Moses went back to top of Mt. Sinai and received the 10 Commandments. While he was there the people made a golden calf to worship. Moses was angry at the sight of them worshipping calf and threw down tablets causing them to break. God called Moses back to top of Mt. Sinai

  9. Moses spent another 40 days/nights on Mt. Sinai and wrote 10 Commandments. When he returned to people he was shining with light of being with God. From then on he wore a veil unless he was speaking to God. (Transfiguration)

  10. Israelites made a dwelling place for God • Meeting tent • Ark of Covenant- wooden box to hold tablets of 10 Commandments • Altars • Furniture for worship • Vestments for the priests • Tabernacle- Latin word meaning tent- a sign of God’s presence today.

  11. Israelites continued journey to Canaan-took 40 years. Told in the books of Leviticus and Numbers They were guided by God in the form of a cloud or fire at night. Again, Israelites were reminded to turn to God for their needs and to trust in him. When they did he provided– manna, bronze serpent.

  12. Plains of Moab- east of Canaan Prophet Balaam predicted greatness for Israel Moses appointed Joshua as the new leader of Israelites to lead them into Canaan. Moses died before the people entered Canaan, the promised land.