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  1. Catalog 2011.10

  2. A Leading Global Professional Visual Inspection Equipment Manufacturer

  3. COMPANYPROFILE Jutze is a professional visual inspection equipment manufacturer. Since being founded, continues innovation and challenge, with leading technology design and manufacture of high-speed high-precision optical inspection equipment has been widely used in consumer electronics, communications terminal equipment, computer and peripheral equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields. Company is committed to become the world’s leading manufacturer of automated optical inspection equipment, providing customers with better products and services create new value for the community. High Speed, High Precision

  4. Machine Vision Expert 70%of JUTZE AOI machines are applied for inspecting the most precision components 01005

  5. DO.TRUST 10 um High Precision Optical Resolution Parallel Processing HIGH Speed | Precision Core Technology

  6. Machine Vision Expert • Inspection Performance Analyzing defects reason by connect function of pre-reflow and post-reflow AOI Analyzing the SPC data in real-time Centralized management reduce production line labors Tuning and update inspection data without stop production line

  7. In-Line AOI High Speed, High Accuracy Join Us To Zero Escape Continue to improve process capability MI-2000 Small Compact Design Max. PCB Size:50mmX50mm ~ 330mmX250mm PCB Thickness:0.6mm ~ 6.0mm Resolution:10um ~ 20um

  8. LI-2000 Wide Use Max. PCB Size:50mmX70mm ~ 550mmX460mm PCB Thickness:0.4mm ~ 6.0mm Resolution:10um ~ 20um MI-3000 Table Fixed, Suitable for pre-reflow & post-reflow Max. PCB Size:50mmX50mm ~ 330mmX250mm PCB Thickness:0.6mm ~ 6.0mm Resolution:10um ~ 20um

  9. Desktop AOI Practical and Flexible Reliable Quality Controller MD-2000 Delicate and Efficient Max. PCB Size:50mmX50mm ~ 330mmX250mm PCB Thickness:0.4mm ~ 3.0mm Resolution:10um ~ 20um

  10. LD-2000 Suitable for 90% kind of normal size PCB Max. PCB Size:50mmX50mm ~ 510mmX460mm PCB Thickness:0.6mm ~ 3.0mm Resolution:10um ~ 20um XD-2000 Extra Large Size PCB Max. PCB Size:50mmX100mm ~ 650mmX560mm PCB Thickness:0.6mm ~ 3.0mm Resolution:10um ~ 20um

  11. Option Remote Tuning Repair Terminal High Precision Image Systems 5M Pixel Camera Can modify and update parameters real-time by contacting in-line AOI through net without stop product line. Receiving the inspection results from in-line AOI at real-time will let user to make judgment quickly for defects. It also can connect multi in-line AOI, select PCB by hardware barcode scan function. Repair results can be output at statistics form.

  12. Barcode SPC In control analysis Centralized Management Software 1D﹑2D Barcode correspondence In control analysis function, real-time control the image from NG components in the SPI, pre-reflow AOI and post-reflow AOI. Check the NG images from after printing, after mounting and post-reflow, to determine the causes of NG. Powerful data analysis system, easy to operate, beautiful interface, can multi-machine real-time monitoring, search PCB by barcode, production statistics, false call analysis, a variety of report output functions Improve rate of production line automation, reducing laborand costs, to establishment of production lines fast feedback mechanism, can be multi-monitored SMT production line workers to help technology analysis process, identify the cause of the issue and thus enhance process capability.

  13. Production Specifications Production Specifications

  14. Product Dimensions LI-2000 LD-2000 MI-2000 MD-2000 MI-3000 XD-2000 XI-2000

  15. A Leading Global Professional Visual Inspection Equipment Manufacturer

  16. Http:// Authorized Distributor: Note: This directory information by carefully checking, found an error, please contact us immediately. before use, please be sure to carefully read the "Product Manual." Address: 3 floor, Building 2, N0. 7178, Zhongchun Rd, Minhang, Shanghai Phone: +86-21-34687800 Fax: +86-21-34687805 Post code: 201101 Http:// Catalog update:2011.4