identity belonging and n.
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Identity, Belonging and PowerPoint Presentation
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Identity, Belonging and

Identity, Belonging and

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Identity, Belonging and

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  1. Identity, Belonging and TECHNOLOGY

  2. WHO AM I?

  3. PIECE 1: Writing FOLIO • Constructing identities • Can you make up your own identity? Why would you construct one? What effect would that have? • Representing the self • How do you express your identity? Who do you think you are? What do other people say? What is your identity? Who really knows who you are?

  4. “Who am I? is an especially critical question for adolescents. As we search for answers we begin to define ourselves.

  5. How is our identity formed? • To what extent are we defined by our talents and interests? by our membership in a particular ethnic group? by our social and economic class? by our religion? by the nation in which we live? • How do we label ourselves and how are we labeled by others? • How are our identities influenced by how we think others see us? • How do our identities inform our values, ideas, and actions?

  6. In what ways might we assume different identities in different contexts? • How do we manage multiple identities?

  7. The creation of identity is influenced by the social context in which youths live, for example, for many adolescents currently living in first and second world countries the technology they use is considered just as important as what they wear in communicating an identity (Aakhus and Katz, 2002, p.xx).

  8. PRESENTATION of SELF • ABC Radio National Future Tense • Thursday at 8.30amOnline identity - 27 May 2010 • ONLINE IDENTITY- LISTEN • • Q and A: Latest Program: Monday 31 May 2010 at 9:30pm • 26.44-36.50


  10. Social networking sites are fertile ground for cyber-thieves seeking personal information • Tony Barrell was overseas earlier this year, a message sent to his Facebook friends told a sorry tale. • "I'm stranded in London because i got robbed at a park in Kentish town, it was a brutal experience, all cash i had on me were stolen and my credit card was collected too now i'm left with no money here. I need help out of here."I have been reaching out to friends for help, i need some money so i can get a flight ticket back home so please can you loan me some money till i get back home? i will pay you back as soon as i'm home. Please"

  11. Stolen identity • What is a borrowed ladder? • Describe Jerome Morrow’s Identity • Writing Task Two: • Steps: Google your name • Find an entry that isn’t you

  12. My one: • Katherine Houston is a native Houstonian who has spent the majority of her life in the Houston area. Katherine began her career as an investment broker in the late 70’s. She left this career in the late 80”s to begin a family. Katherine has devoted much of her past 15 years to studying and producing art.Katherine’s studies have included institutions such as The University of Houston, Glassell School of Art and The Art League. She also studied privately with a number of renowned artists, such as Will Clem, Ruth Munson, Polly Liu, Gary Hernandez, and Quang Ho.

  13. Getting Writing • Imagine you are unable to live your dream (Vincent going to Gattaca) • Your dream will be the profession/ appearance of your online identity (person with the same name) • For a moment steal their identity • Write a piece showing how you achieve your dream by imagining you are someone else or by being a borrowed ladder

  14. Structure- example • Introducing the dream • For 7 years I have dreamed of…. • Achieving the dream: Now the chance is mine… • The reality

  15. (Background- introducing the dream) • I have lived in Houston my whole life. A boring existence. I have dreamed of giving up investment banking and practising art full-time. I view the world around me as porcelain objects waiting to be transformed. After I had my twin daughters, I realised that…

  16. Achieving the dream • There were sacrifices and …. • I studied for years • I lost….

  17. Real identity • Of course it isn’t me. I sit before the computer screen and look at the 55 year old woman and wish…

  18. STILL NOT INSPIRED? • Use real life as a starting point: • How do you present yourself to others online? • Facebook, myspace, blogs, twitter, emails • Or an Avatar ( • Write a piece showing your different identities (online- real) (This is the real me) • Or Create a voki representing your identity or the identity you would like to assume. Create a piece about your new identity. (I wanted to be someone different) • Write a piece about how your identity is changed by technology