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India HDPE Pipe Market,India HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Cost- Ken Research

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India HDPE Pipe Market,India HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Cost- Ken Research

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  1. India DI & HDPE Pipe Market Outlook to 2022-Ken Research

  2. Ken Research latest Report On “India DI & HDPE Pipe Market Outlook to 2022 – Rising Government Investment for Improving Sanitation Coverage to Drive Future Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis of DI & HDPE pipe market in India. The report focuses on overall market size for India DI & HDPE pipe market, India DI Pipe market segmentation on various bases (by domestic & exports sales, by diameter, by grade and by sector), HDPE pipe market segmentation on various bases (by domestic & exports sales, by diameter, by pressure class, by applications, by end users, by sector demand, by market structure). The report also covers manufacturing process for DI & HDPE pipes, norms and regulations for DI & HDPE pipes, trade scenarios in India, pricing analysis, schedule of rates in various States, investment model for setting up manufacturing plant, future outlook, Snapshot of major opportunities in various States, Snapshot on PVC-O pipe market in India, major players in DI, HDPE & PVC-O markets and trends & developments in both India DI & HDPE pipe markets. The report concludes with market projection for future and analyst recommendation highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

  3. India Ductile Iron Pipe Market • In terms of revenue, the market for ductile iron pipes has increased at a CAGR of ~% during FY’2011 – FY’2017 from INR ~ billion in FY’ 2011 to INR ~ billion during FY’ 2017. The primary growth drivers for DI pipe market were increasing Government initiative and schemes for providing safe and adequate drinking water like National Rural Drinking Water Programme, AMRUT, Smart City Mission and ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and others, providing sanitation facilities in all the rural areas, inter-linking of rivers, huge exports and awareness on safety and hygiene that led to growth on sales for DI Pipes. Over the years, the domestic DI pipe market, in terms of production, grew at a CAGR of ~% during FY’2011 – FY’2016, manufacturing ~ million tons in FY’2011 to ~ million tonnes during FY’2016.

  4. Market segmentation by domestic & export sales: Approx ~% of revenue of DI pipes is generated from domestic sales. Domestic companies’ incapability of meeting international standards has been major reason for fewer sales in the exports market. Foreign countries majorly demand for big size DI pipes and only Jindal Saw, Electrosteel Group and Electrotherm Limited cater to the needs of foreign market. • Market Segmentation by Diameter: ~mm segment has dominated the sales for the DI Pipe market and contributed ~% revenue to the overall market. The cost of 100mm–150mm DI pipes is higher than large diameter pipes owing to highest demand in the market, high rejection cost and complex manufacturing process. 200-300mm pipes can withstand pressure of ~ bars. These DI pipes are used for residential and industrial purposes to transport water for drinking and manufacturing purposes and contributed ~% revenues to the overall DI pipe market. Companies produce 300mm and above DI pipes on the basis of prior order from the customers. DI pipes above 300mm diameter contribute around ~% of the production in the entire market.

  5. Market Segmentation by Grade: DI Pipe market by grade comprises of K7, K8, K9 and K12 pipes. K7 and K9 grade pipes dominated the market and generated ~% revenue from the overall DI pipe market. K8 and K12 class pipes are manufactured only for exports and manufactured on special requirement. These pipes have contributed ~% revenues to the overall market. • Market Segmentation by Sector: Ductile iron pipe for water management contributed approximately ~% of the total revenue. DI pipes used for sewerage purpose contributed to ~%. ~% of the DI pipes for water management is used for drinking water applications and remaining ~% is used for industrial water supply.

  6. Competitive Landscape of Major Players in India Ductile Iron Pipe Market • In the domestic market, in terms of production capacity Jindal Saw Ltd. is the market leader with a production capacity of ~ million tonnes during FY’2016 and highest market share in terms of value. Electrosteel Casting Ltd. is a subsidiary of Electrosteel Casting Group and it is the market leader in terms of production for ductile iron pipes. Electrosteel Casting Ltd. dominated the market by producing ~% (FY’ 2016) of the cumulative DI pipes produced in India. Srikalahasti Pipes Ltd. produced ~ million ton ductile iron pipes in FY’ 2016, and generates ~% revenue in the overall market (FY’2016). In FY’ 2016, Electrosteel Steels Ltd. had second highest production capacity among all the domestic players in India. The production capacity of the company is ~ million tons. Other major players in India ductile iron pipe industry are- Electrotherm Ltd, Tata Metaliks, SathavahanaIspat Industries, RashmiMetaliks and Jai Balaji Group.

  7. Future Outlook of India Ductile Iron Pipe Market • Ductile iron pipes market value majorly depends on DI pipe projects and price of DI pipes. In terms of revenue, DI pipe market in India is anticipated to grow from INR ~ billion in FY’2017 to INR ~ billion in FY’2022. The DI Pipe market in terms of revenue is anticipated to grow at a CAGR ~% during FY’2017 – FY’2022. It has been anticipated that market will continue to remain undersupply producing approximately ~ million tons ductile iron pipes till FY’2019. • India HDPE Pipe Market Size • The domestic market of HDPE pipes escalated from INR ~ billion in FY’2011 to INR ~ billion during FY’2017. The primary growth drivers of HDPE market in India during FY’ 2011 – FY’ 2017 were new infrastructure development, replacement of metallic pipes with HDPE pipes due to corrosion and rusting, expanding gas distribution system, increasing sewerage facilities and growth of telecom duct market.

  8. Market Segmentation by domestic & export sales: The best selling HDPE pipes in Indian market are small diameter pipes (upto DN ~mm) which contributed ~% revenue to the overall market. The supply of HDPE pipes in the market is not enough to suffice the demand in the market and majority of the HDPE pipes are sold in the domestic markets. Major countries such as China, Germany and Belgium dominate the export market of HDPE pipes. • Market Segmentation by Diameter: Short diameter pipes (Upto ~ mm) dominated the market owing to high use of pipes in water management and telecom duct industry. HDPE pipes upto DN ~mm dominate the segment with a revenues share of ~% in the overall HDPE pipes market. DN 560-710 mm HDPE Pipes are majorly used for water rehabilitation contributing ~% revenues to the overall market. 560mm and above diameter HDPE pipes are preferred owing to huge pressure, corrosion resistant and transportation of large quantity of oil and gas contributing ~% revenues to the overall market.

  9. Market Segmentation by Application: HDPE pipes for water applications dominated the market contributing ~% to the total revenue of HDPE pipes market. • HDPE pipes for oil and gas application contribute ~% to HDPE pipe market revenue. • Market Segmentations by Sectors: HDPE pipes for government sector contribute approximately ~% to the HDPE pipes market revenue. Irrigation, sewerage facility and water supply have been the major focus of Indian government which boosted the demand for HDPE pipes in Indian market. • Market Segmentation by Market Structure: Organized Sector has contributed ~% revenues to the overall market. Need of low investment in setting up a plant has resulted in entry of many small scale competitors in the market. Unorganized market has contributed ~% revenue to the overall HDPE pipe market. • India HDPE Pipe Market Future Outlook • In India, approximately ~% agriculture fields have proper irrigation facilities and the remaining ~% depends on monsoon for water supply. Government of India has been working on expanding water facilities for irrigation purpose, aiding the HDPE pipe market in India. The HDPE market is anticipated to increase from INR ~ billion in FY’2018 to INR ~ billion in FY’2022 at a CAGR ~% during FY’2018 – FY’2022.

  10. Key Topics Covered in the Report: • Introduction to India Ductile Iron Pipe Market • India Ductile Iron Pipe market size, FY’2011 – FY’2017 • India Ductile Iron Pipe market segmentations by domestic & export sales, by diameter, by grade, by sector • Competitive Landscape of Major Players in India Ductile Iron Pipe Market • India Ductile Iron Pipe Market Future Outlook • India HDPE Pipe Market • India HDPE Pipe Market Size, FY’2011 – FY’2017 • India HDPE Pipe Market Segmentation by domestic & export sales, by diameter, by application, by sales, by end user, by market structure, by pressure class

  11. To know more about the publication, click on the link below • https://www.kenresearch.com/manufacturing-and-construction/machinery-and-parts/india-di-hdpe-pvc-o-pipes-market/122369-97.html • Related Reports by Ken Research • India PVC Pipes and Fittings Industry Outlook to 2020 - Expanding Irrigated Area and Construction Sector to Stimulate Growth • Philippines Excavator Market Forecast to 2020 - Growing Construction Activities and Demand for Real Estate to Shape Future Potential • Indonesia Pumps Industry Outlook to 2021 - Increasing Government Initiatives towards Irrigation and Wastewater Treatment with Expansion of Industrial Sector to Drive Growth • Contact Us:Ken ResearchAnkur Gupta, Head Marketing & CommunicationsAnkur@kenresearch.com+91-9015378249

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