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Israel Payment Landscape Market Research Report-Ken Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Israel Payment Landscape Market Research Report-Ken Research

Israel Payment Landscape Market Research Report-Ken Research

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Israel Payment Landscape Market Research Report-Ken Research

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  1. Government Regulations Encourage Competition In The Payment Industry Of Israel – Ken Research The report Payment Landscape In Israel: Opportunities and Threats 2021 gives a detailed insight about the payment industry in Israel. The report extensively talks about current and forecast values for each market in the Israeli cards and payments industry, including debit and credit cards. The report also includes detailed insights into payment instruments including credit transfers, cards, cheques and direct debit. It also, includes an overview of the country's key alternative payment instruments. Various government regulations and market drivers of the cards and payment industry are discussed. Different strategies used to market debit and credit cards by the Israeli banks and institutes are analysed. The top market players in the payment industry of Israel include Isracard, ICC CAL, Leumi Card, Imagen, TBI Credit, PayPal, Neema, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express. Israel is a Middle- East country. Though the country is small by area, it has a rich geographical diversity. It is a developed country and the 32nd largest economy in the world. The country has one of the highest literacy rates in the world and had one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Global payments revenue has been increasing in multi-fold despite many disruptions in the market. As customers have become more and more comfortable with swiping cards and paying through mobile phones, the digitalisation of transaction industry is also expected to give way to its infrastructural development. In Israel, the government has been proactively propagating the use of digital payments and transaction and thus imposing restrictions on cash transactions on businesses and consumers. In Israel, internet retailing is growing in a strong rate due to increased standards of living and it accounts for the highest number of packages per capita among the OCED countries. Studies show the growth of card market strong post 2017 due to people’s preferences of cards over cash.

  2. To encourage card payments, the Bank of Israel has been incentivizing the merchants by cutting the interchange fee rates over the past three years and is further expected to be cut down to boost card payments. As the credit card market is concerned, as a cue to encourage competition, the government has instructed in divestment of credit cards of the top two banks in Israel by 2020. This is expected to bring more international players in the market. To reduce the cash dependency, the government is set to impose caps on cash transactions and restrictions on cheques, with effect from 2019. The trends show the country’s increased flow of foreign capital and investment mainly supported by government regulations and laws. To know more, click on the link below:- services/payments-landscape-israel-opportunities/150792-93.html Related Reports:- services/payments-landscape-latvia/153925-93.html services/payments-landscape-kazakhstan/153924-93.html Contact Us: Ken Research Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications +91-9015378249