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Trends and Development in Vietnam Logistics Industry-Ken Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Trends and Development in Vietnam Logistics Industry-Ken Research

Trends and Development in Vietnam Logistics Industry-Ken Research

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Trends and Development in Vietnam Logistics Industry-Ken Research

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  1. Surging Consumer Demand for Faster Delivery of Goods have led Various E-commerce Logistics Service Providers in Vietnam to Majorly Focus towards the Last Mile Delivery: Ken Research

  2. Growth in Vietnam Retail and E-commerce Industry; Huge Import & Exports and Free Trade Agreements with other Southeast nations were some of the key factors responsible for driving the growth in Vietnam Logistics and Warehousing Market. The report titled “Vietnam Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2022 – By Service Mix (Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Cold Chain, Express Delivery, E-commerce Logistics, Third Party Logistics)” by Ken Research suggested a growth at a noteworthy six year CAGR of 13.3% in terms of revenue in Vietnam logistics and warehousing market in next 5 years till the year ending 2022. Last mile delivery represents the final segment in logistics network where finished goods are generally transferred to the final end user (customer/business). Along with the rise of E-commerce activities in the country, an increasing trend was witnessed towards consumer preference for shopping products online, thereby making “last mile delivery” a key differentiator amongst E-commerce logistics companies, especially in the urban areas. Increasing customer expectations towards faster fulfillment have led major E-commerce players to gain prior knowledge regarding customer requirements and provide the best customer experience possible. The Vietnamese E-commerce industry was evaluated at USD 1.9 billion in the year 2011 which was observed to increase to USD 6.3 billion in 2017, thus growing at a six year CAGR of 22.5% in the period 2011-2017.

  3. Opening up of logistics hubs along with the introduction of new web technologies in last mile logistics drew much attention from not online sellers but shipping companies as well. For instance, the use of Uber-like apps within Vietnam implies another impact and trend in last mile logistics for tracking purposes. E-commerce logistics companies in Vietnam such as /GHN has installed an automated decision and route planner which uses modern equipments to optimize and to automate 60% of the company’s major decisions, thereby aiding co-coordinators and delivery guys in keeping track and delivery product on time. The system plans the route, catalogs the transactions, and keeps track of all the deliveries. Some of the major players operating in E-commerce logistics space include domestic players such as VNPost, Viettel Post, Kerry Logistics and others. Key Topics Covered in the Report: Logistics and Warehousing Market in Vietnam Vietnam Logistics Industry Logistics Industry in Vietnam Overview Vietnam Logistics Market Transport Infrastructure in Vietnam Seaport Operations in Vietnam Logistics Market Airport Operations in Vietnam Logistics Market Freight Forwarding Market in Vietnam Vietnam Logistics and Warehousing Market Size Vietnam Freight Forwarding Market Size

  4. Logistics Services in Vietnam Logistics Services in Hanoi Logistics Services in Ho Chi Minh City Logistics Services in Da Nang Number of Freight Forwarders in Vietnam Logistics Industry Number of Logistics Companies in Vietnam Freight Forwarding Future Outlook Vietnam Express Logistics Market in Vietnam Role of Express Delivery in Vietnam Vietnam Logistics Market Competition Shipping Fleet of Major Vietnam Seaports Cargo Output through Vietnam Seaports Growth of Express Delivery Services in Vietnam Major Players Express Delivery Vietnam Vietnam Postal Industry Vietnam E-commerce operations E-commerce Logistics Players in Vietnam Vietnam E-Commerce Logistics Market Size E-Commerce Logistics Growth Drivers Future Growth E-Commerce Logistics Vietnam Trends and Development in Vietnam Logistics Industry Issues and Challenges in Vietnam Logistics Industry

  5. 3PL Market Size Vietnam 3PL Operations in Vietnam Vietnam 3PL Players The Future of 3PL in Vietnam Warehousing Services in Vietnam Vietnam Warehousing Industry Types of Warehouses in Vietnam Warehousing Market Size Vietnam Value Added Services in Vietnam SWOT Analysis Vietnam Logistics Industry Future Growth Vietnam Logistics and Warehousing Vietnam Logistics Sector For more information on the research report, refer to below link: Related Reports:

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