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Youth Icebreakers: Valentine’s Day Bingo PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth Icebreakers: Valentine’s Day Bingo

Youth Icebreakers: Valentine’s Day Bingo

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Youth Icebreakers: Valentine’s Day Bingo

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  1. Youth Icebreakers: Valentine’s Day Bingo Played as a traditional game of Bingo but using items related to Valentine's day.

  2. • Materials • Bingo cards for each participant in the shape of hearts • Bingo items in bag to pull out. • Hershey’s kisses or Valentine’s Heart candy as the bingo chips.

  3. Game ObjectivePlayed as a traditional game of Bingo but using items related to Valentine’s day.

  4. Game Preparation Make Bingo cards using Valentine’s related items in each square, and play Bingo. (Bingo cards are typically unique for each individual. There are also usually more items than the bingo grid. You might use some of the items below or make up your own) Place a heart in the center square as the free space. Place slips of paper with the Valentine’s words in a hat or box decorated for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Game Play Pass out the heart-shaped papers. Give each child a supply of Hershey’s kisses or candy hearts to use as markers on the board. Ask them not to eat them until the game is over. Draw one slip of paper at a time from the hat or box. Read the saying out loud.

  6. Ask participants to look for the saying on their paper. If they find it, they should place a candy heart over it. (Make sure each participant covers the free space.) Play until someone gets five hearts in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The first person to do so must yell out “Be my Valentine” and wins. Check the grid to make sure the placement of the hearts agrees with those that have been called out.

  7. Repeat the game a few times or keep on playing the first game until each child has covered five squares in a row. Let everyone eat the candy after the game is over.

  8. Possible Valentine’s ItemsHeart, Chocolate, Roses, Carnations, Dinner, Kisses, Cupid, Love, Valentine Card, Be Mine, I’m Yours, Beloved, I love you, True Love, Be My Valentine, Romance, 14th, courtship, Date, February, Arrows, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Candlelight, Candy, Diamonds, Flowers, Forever, Gifts, Hugs, Infatuation, Love Letters, Lovebirds, Lovers, Only You, Passion, Pink, Red, Poetry, Relationship, Secret admirer, Sweetheart, Flirting, Serenade, Love Songs, Stuffed Animals, Cuddle, Honey, Casanova, Amore, Wink, Heartthrob

  9. You could also use famous Biblical or secular couples as items

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