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Chihuly Inspired Chandelier PowerPoint Presentation
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Chihuly Inspired Chandelier

Chihuly Inspired Chandelier

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Chihuly Inspired Chandelier

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  1. Chihuly Inspired Chandelier Students will create a chandelier using plastic bottles, watered down tempera paint, and scissors

  2. Dale Chihuly 1941: Born in Tacoma, Washington 1965: Enrolled in the first glass program in the country, at the University of Wisconsin. 1968: Studied at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he later established the glass program and taught for more than a decade.

  3. More about Dale Chihuly • 1976: Chihuly was in a head-on car accident during which he flew through the windshield.His face was severely cut by glass and he was blinded in his left eye. • 1979: He dislocated his right shoulder in a bodysurfing accident and could no longer hold the glass blowing pipe & has since hired others to do the work. • His work is included in more than 200 hundred museum collections worldwide. • He has been the recipient of many awards, including twelve honorary doctorates & two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. • Work in Wisconsin: • 1998: Mendota Wall, Kohl Center, UW-Madison • 2002: Johnson Building, Racine • 2004: UW-Green Bay

  4. 1998: Fiori di Como, Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Paradise, Nevada

  5. 1998: Fiori di Como, Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Paradise, Nevada

  6. Step-By-Step Project Guidelines • Start collecting plastic bottles • Make it a goal to bring 5-10 clear empty bottles to class • Decide what color scheme you would like to work with and where the colors will be placed • Fill bottle ¼ of the way with watered down tempera paint and swish it around until it colors the entire bottle. • Pour out excess paint and allow to dry. • Cut and melt your bottle to the desired shape. • You can use wire to help ensure you get your desired shape. • Attach your bottle to the correct location of the armature. • Repeat until the chandelier is complete

  7. Rinse bottles and remove the labels (Don’t use bottles that leave a residue from the label; propel and gatorade bottles also don’t work well)

  8. Fill bottle with paint, mix, pour into next bottle, mix, repeat…

  9. Allow paint to dry…

  10. Cut the bottom off of the bottle and then cut the bottle into spiral(s).

  11. Tie a string to the top of each bottle and tie the bottles to an armature. *When tying the bottles to the armature, start on the bottom in the center and work your way out and up.

  12. Continue the process until your entire armature is covered with bottles. Then fill in any gaps with colored tissue paper.