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KI Design. KI MOVABLE WALL SOLUTIONS. Adaptive Seamless Evolution. MOVABLE WALL SOLUTIONS. Traditional Stick-built: Assembly Required. Traditional Stick-built: Labor Intense. Finisher. Carpenter. Glazer. Traditional Stick-built: Not Very Movable. External Environment.

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KI Design

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  2. Adaptive Seamless Evolution MOVABLE WALL SOLUTIONS

  3. Traditional Stick-built: Assembly Required

  4. Traditional Stick-built: Labor Intense Finisher Carpenter Glazer

  5. Traditional Stick-built: Not Very Movable

  6. External Environment

  7. Internal Environment

  8. KI’s Response: Lightline MOVABLE WALL SOLUTIONS

  9. Lightline Creates Beautiful AdaptiveSustainableEnvironments MOVABLE WALL SOLUTIONS

  10. The Lightline Solution TEAM ROOM APPLICATION Seamless glass wall system

  11. The Lightline Solution SHARED OFFICE APPLICATION Passive, light construction supports natural day lighting

  12. The Lightline Solution PRIVATE OFFICE APPLICATION Integrates with KI furniture and permanent construction

  13. The Lightline Solution Lightlineis a pre-assembled, unitized glass wall solution that unifies architecture and office furniture. It provides the look of a sophisticated stick-built storefront, yet has flexible elements which promote reuse by adapting to business changes quickly, efficiently and environmentally.

  14. The Lightline Solution Lightline offers a higher level of aestheticsand provides a well-designed architectural product through its thin rectilinear profiles and seamless connections.

  15. The Lightline Solution Lightline supports sustainabilityby providing product reuse versus a traditional stick-built product, is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified and enhances natural daylighting through unlimited glass options.

  16. The Lightline Solution Unitized Solution Permanent Drywall Stickbuilt Lightline offers the lowest life cycle cost of any similar wall product because of its unitized, modular butt-glazed construction. IFMA 2010 = 32% churn rate

  17. The Lightline Solution • Genius Wall is the “working” wall solution for technology interface, furniture integration, and solid panel solutions (markerboards, tackboards). • Butt-glass solutions accommodate glass thicknesses up to ½” in tempered only. • Framed solution provides access to ¼” glass thicknesses and will be a value engineering option.

  18. The Lightline Solution • Ceiling heights = up to 120” tall • Widths = up to 48” wide • Warranty = 10 years • Trim/Framework = clear anodized aluminum, powdercoat paint finishes • Door unit types = sliding and hinged • Door leaf types = 1 ¾” wood (solid and with stile/rail glazing), ½” frameless glass, 1 ¾” aluminum (stile/rail glazing) • Base area vertical adjustment = +/- 1.0” or 2” overall • Ceiling area vertical adjustment = +/- 0.5” or 1” overall • Glass corners available • Horizontal mullions available

  19. What Makes Lightline Different? MOVABLE WALL SOLUTIONS

  20. The Lightline Solution Lightline is the first and only unitized butt-glazed solution on the market.

  21. The Lightline Solution Lightlineeasily incorporates Genius Wall to create a complete offering of form and function.

  22. The Lightline Solution Unlimited Butt-Glazing: Butted-glass panels can be installed without a vertical post. KI’s Lightline: YES! Most other manufacturers: no

  23. The Lightline Solution • ½” Tempered Glass Thickness • For structural reasons per GANA, ceilings higher • than 96” recommend ½” (12mm) tempered glass. KI’s Lightline: YES! Most other manufacturers: no

  24. The Lightline Solution • Panel Width Thickness • Lightlineoffers thinner and more passive visuals. KI’s Lightline: 2” Most other manufacturers: 4”

  25. The Lightline Solution • Bottom Horizontal Nominal Dimension • Lightline offers thinner and more passive visuals. KI’s Lightline: 2.5” Most other manufacturers: 4”

  26. The Lightline Solution • Rectilinear Profiles • Rectilinear profiles are the essence of style. KI’s Lightline: YES! Most other manufacturers: no

  27. The Lightline Solution • Base Adjustment • For maximum flexibility and reusability, ample vertical adjustment, especially at the floor, is needed. KI’s Lightline: -/+ 1.0” Most other manufacturers: Minimal

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