choreographer meeting welcome back n.
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Choreographer Meeting Welcome back ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Choreographer Meeting Welcome back !

Choreographer Meeting Welcome back !

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Choreographer Meeting Welcome back !

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  1. Choreographer MeetingWelcome back !

  2. Auditions • EVERY prospective choreographer MUST audition • Seniors and past choreographers are not automatically chosen • Audition process • Panel consisting of the President, Vice President and our Production Manager • Show 30 seconds of choreography • Teach the President 8 counts of their choreography

  3. Strike System • It is very important that you hand in the information we ask from you ON TIME • Failure you to do this will result in a strike • Three strikes and you will not be allowed to choreograph in the following semester • You will receive an email from the President when you get a strike and must respond

  4. Strikes • Failure to respond to all the emails you get from dancers wanting to be in your dance • Failure to send the club account your roster • Failure to attend ALL choreographer meetings • Failure to tell Murano your costume and whether you will use storage or ask your dancers for money (no more than $10) • Failure to send Alyssa your picture for the program • Failure to give Murano a copy of your music • Numerous complaints regarding your class from dancers

  5. Plagiarism • No tolerance for Plagiarism • You are not allowed to take choreography from ANYWHERE • If we find out that you do, you will no longer be allowed to choreograph for the club

  6. Stereos • Choreographers will be held responsible if a stereo is found broken • Please use the stereo designated to the studio you are in • Please contact a board member IMMEDIATELY if a stereo is found broken • If you see someone who is not a choreographer using the stereo please contact Erin • Choreographers are not allowed to use the stereos for extra practice (such as in the racquetball courts)

  7. Racquetball Courts • NOT solely for our purpose • The board has no control over who is in there and when • If you would like to use the racquetball courts to practice call McCann and book them yourself • The board has no say over who can use the racquetball courts and when

  8. Criteria • 3:00 minute MAX • 20 dancers MIN • Open dances are allowed, but prepare yourself • Sunday dances lose one class due to Mid-semester break • First pick for extra rehearsal • 9 WEEKS OF CLASSES !

  9. Costumes • Last semester’s costumes for the show were great! • Please think creatively! • Keep it classy! • Easy on black  • Ways to get costumes • Storage • $10 from your dancers MAX • We do not buy costumes

  10. Costumes Cont. • There will be one choreographer meeting where you MUST present your costume (it is mandatory) • You must tell Murano your costume NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING and it must be okayed by her • You must also hand in a budget with the costs of your costume, what you are buying, a picture of it and how much you’re asking from each dancer • Murano’s email:

  11. Not Getting Into a Dance • Please be open to accepting more dancers into your dance if you receive an email from me about people not getting into any dance