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  2. Why Lenhok’sin High Adventure? • Are you planning on doing National High Adventure at Philmont or Northern Tier? • If so, then Lenhok’sin is a great way to prepare your crew for the National High Adventure experience. • If not, then Lenhok’sin is a great way to experience high adventure for your crew close to home.

  3. Introduction to Lenhok’sin • Based at Goshen Scout Reservation’s Camp Baird • Choose from Week-Long or 4-Day Treks with flexible scheduling options. • Minimum crew size is 4 (2 adults, 2 youth) • Maximum crew size is 12 (crews split if larger) • Minimum age – can be 12 years old if turning 13 years old by September 1. • Nationally Accredited BSA High adventure camp

  4. Lenhok’sin Outpost Options Historical Outposts: • Foxfire (Blacksmith) • Mountain-Man • Civil War • NEW! Robin Hood and Medieval Times Technical Outposts: • Rockclimbing • Caving (Spelunking) • Mountain Biking and Mountain Boarding • Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding • COPE Challenge Course High Elements

  5. Whitewater Canoeing Option: Crews can choose to do between 1 to 5 days on the scenic Upper James River! Note: The one day option on the river allows crews to choose between canoes, kayaks, rafts or tubes to traverse the river’s rapids.

  6. Foxfire • Foxfire is set in 1913 Appalachia • Experience the lost art of blacksmithing • Make you own “S” hook or knife blade • Woodwork a handle for your knife or make a walking stick • Cast a bullet to be shot at Mountain Man or Civil War outpost • Make candles in the evening and bathe in the cool waters of Kelso Spring.

  7. Mountain Man Live like a fur trapper of the early 1800s blazing trails westward. Shoot a black-powder rifle Learn to throw a tomahawk Perfect your knife throwing skill Test your aim with our blowdarts Have an item to trade with the thrifty Mountain Man Listen to the Mountain Man weave his tales about the wilderness

  8. Civil War It is 1863, and you are a new recruit in the General’s army. Experience the life & times of a Civil War soldier in a typical camp setting and sleep in a period pup-tent Shoot Black Powder Rifle and discuss military strategy Learn to march and drill in time, or else… Play games & recreation like a civil war soldier. Listen to the war stories of seasoned officers, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

  9. NEW! Robin Hood & Medieval Times Learn from Robin and his crew about survival under the Sheriff of Lenhok'sin Archery Competitions and Medieval warfare Dine in merriment with the crew medieval style Medieval Games, Arts and Crafts

  10. Rock Climbing Challenge yourself physically & mentally on our natural rock surface Choose from a variety of levels and climbs Views overlooking the beautiful Goshen Pass Learn climbing technique, belaying and fixing anchors NCS Accredited Staff

  11. Caving Climb, jump and crawl through a wild cave. Learn about cave formations and wildlife. Experience a very ‘cool’ high adventure to another world Staff certified by the National Speleological Society.

  12. Mountain Biking & Mountain Boarding Shred the hills of the north side of Goshen like you never have before! Mountainboard downhill for a quarter-mile! Mountainbike around the trails of Goshen and discover new spots to kick it! In the evening learn to fix the bikes as well as yourself

  13. Aquatics Learn Stand-Up Paddleboarding and see why it is the fastest growing watersport in the world! Go on an adventure kayaking with your crew Splash around and clean off the sweat and dirt from the Trail

  14. C.O.P.E (C)hallenging (O)utdoor (P)ersonal (E)Xperience Have you every wanted to do the best High Elements of Goshen’s COPE course and didn’t have the time? Sign-up for COPE on your Lenhok’sin Trek, then prove you can work well as team and we can fast track your crew to the high elements on the COPE course!!

  15. Whitewater Canoe Trek (1-5 Days) Note: One Day Trip allows option to choose between kayaks, rafts, canoes or tubes. Flexible options for paddling 61 miles of the historic Upper James River. Experience over 20 challenging class II rapids, and the infamous Balcony Falls (Class III) rapid. Bring your fishing pole and try your hand at fishing along the way. Camp along side the wilderness river side locations along the way. Groups have a option to switch to kayaks for the last day with advance notice. Add an optional river clean up project and this trek meets the "50 MILER" award requirements.

  16. Lenhok’sin High Adventure Awards • Trailblazer Award - completed by most crews • Moore Peaks (5 Peaks) Award - Great challenge and see the best views in Goshen • The Big Butt Award - Boldly go to the furthest of the 5 peaks, few campers get to see. • The Wilderness Award - A challenge to make it through your trek without the comforts of a base camp. • Do the 50-Miler Award requirements with your crew on either the 5-day canoe-trip or Week-long Trek!! (unit award, not LHA award)

  17. For further information regarding camping or working on staff, contact: To stay up to date regarding Lenhok’sin: