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Jesus in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Jesus in India

Jesus in India

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Jesus in India

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  1. Jesus in India

  2. Summary so far Jesus in India PUBLISHER’S NOTES

  3. 1835-1908 Jesus in India Jesus in India Page iii

  4. ‘Jesus in India’ provides evidence that Jesus in India Page iii

  5. Aims and objective of writing the book Jesus in India Page 1

  6. Messiah of the time Jesus in India Page 12-13

  7. Jesus in India; the facts revealed Jesus in India Page 14

  8. Summary of Biblical testimonies Jesus in India These were the ten tribes of the Israelites who 721 years* before Jesus, had been taken captive and forced to leave Samaria by Shalmaneser, King of Assur. They eventually came to India and settled in various parts of the country Page 17-18

  9. Summary of Qur’anic testimonies Jesus in India

  10. Summary of testimonies from Ahadith Jesus in India

  11. Chapter 3Evidence from Medical literature Jesus in India Marham e Issa Ointment of Issa

  12. Marham-i-Isa or the 'Ointment of Jesus‘ is a duly recorded medical preparation Jesus in India Page 65

  13. Marham-i-Isa or the 'Ointment of Jesus’ Jesus in India Page 66

  14. the ointment of Jesus —constitutes a very important testimony for seekers after truth Jesus in India • *According to Qaanunof Avicenna (Al-Qaanun Fi AI-Tibbby Abu Ali Ibn-e-Sina vol. 3 chapter 4 on ointments), the Ointment of Jesus has also been known as MarhamDashlikha, Marham-ul-Hawariyyin, and Marham-ur­Rusol, and contains twelve ingredients corresponding to the twelve disciples Page 70

  15. Ointment of Jesus healed wound sustained by Jesus on the cross The onus of proof lies with him who is under the impression that Jesus sustained these injuries in some other way, for the event of the cross, to which we have referred, is a proved and established historical fact Jesus in India Page 71-72

  16. Ointment of Jesus evidence is inconvertible Jesus in India Page 71-72

  17. Ointment of Jesus; evidence is inconvertibleWhy now? Meaning that at the time of the Promised Messiah, God would create conditions which would lay bare the truth about the crucifixion True, until the coming of the Promised Messiah, it did not occur to any of these people to make use of the historical importance of this ointment The Holy Prophet ( pbuh) prophesied that the faith of the cross shall neither decline nor shall its progress slow down until the Promised Messiah appeared in this world. It was at his hands that the 'breaking of the cross' was to be brought about Jesus in India It was inevitable, therefore, that heaven should withhold such incontrovertible proof and conclusive evidence until the coming of the Promised Messiah Page 73-74

  18. Summary of Evidence from medical literature Jesus in India