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Les Pays

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Les Pays

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  1. Les Pays de la Loire...

  2. Les Pays de la Loire is named after the Loire river. It is the longest river in France and last wild river in all of Europe.

  3. It was taken over by the Romans and remained under their control for many centuries. During the period of Roman rule the city of Caesarodonum, which means “Hill of Creaser,” was established. After the fall of the Roman empire it took the name of Torones, which eventually became the city of Tours.

  4. Kings and nobles built their castles in the beautiful valley. In the sixteenth century the capital of France was switched to Paris. It became a retreat for the royalty of France.

  5. The most famous castles are the Chateau de Chenonceau, the Chateau de Chambord , the Chateau d’Amboise, and the Chateau de Villandry

  6. Chateau de Chenonceau…

  7. Chateau de Chambord …

  8. Chateau de d’Amboise … Chateau d’Amboise

  9. Chateau de Villandry…

  10. Places to visit: Tours Nantes Saumur Orleans Blois Amboise Chinon

  11. Things to do: • Take a bike ride • Spend the night in a castle • Go eat somewhere • Visit different castles • Visit wineries and drink different wines • Visit vineyards

  12. Wine: Loire is known for its great wine. Not for collecting, but rather for enjoying with meals. They are said to have magnificent flavor.

  13. Fêtes de Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc Festival) Every year from April 29 to May 8 there are multiple celebrations held in honor of Joan of Arc. Celebrations include procession, medieval fair, and reenactments of the famous siege of Orleans.

  14. Weather: The weather is mild year-round, with winters that are moderately cold and summers that are hot and sunny. In summer it averages in the 80s and in the winter it averages in the 40s. It is known as a beautiful place to visit in autumn because of the great foliage.