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Safety Is Everybody's Business

Safety Is Everybody's Business. Roger Campbell, MS, CSP Asst. Commissioner, MOSH. Safety & Health Add Value…. To Your…. Business Workplace Life. Safety & Health Add Value to Your Business :. Reduce injury/illness costs by 20% to 40%.

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Safety Is Everybody's Business

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  1. Safety Is Everybody's Business Roger Campbell, MS, CSP Asst. Commissioner, MOSH

  2. Safety & Health Add Value…. To Your…. • Business • Workplace • Life

  3. Safety & Health Add Value to Your Business: Reduce injury/illness costs by 20% to 40% “We can’t make a quality product with an unsafe process.” Ken Lindgren, DACO, Incorporated

  4. Safety & Health Add Value to Your Workplace: • Fewer Injuries • Rated as better places to work • More satisfied, more productive employees “It makes sense to run an effective safety and health program because your people deserve it, your customers demand it, and your business practices and future will not be there without it.” Dan Fergus, Genesee Stampings

  5. Safety & Health Add Value to Your Life: • Every injury prevented is a person kept whole • Every life saved is a family preserved in tact • Promotes healthy workers whose job become a vehicle for making a life-not just a living “I want to see and hear my grandchildren, and because of the safety program at Curtis Lumber, I’m going to be able to.” John Meier, Curtis Lumber

  6. Why Worry about Safety? Why do you need to be concerned about safety? Loss WC Pain! EPA $$$$ DOL Lost time Hurt

  7. Why Worry: Common Reasons Getting hurt isn’t fun!!! Not All Pain is GainNobody likes getting hurtHealthy employees are moreproductive employees

  8. Why Worry: Common Reasons Getting hurt isn’t fun!!! Cost of Accidents

  9. TOTAL COST OF LOST TIME INJURIES AND OCCUPATIONAL DEATHS Total Costs USA = $121,000,000,000 Source: National Safety Council, 1996

  10. Cost of Accidents: Total Cost of Injuries • Direct costs • Indirect costs • Cost range • Up to $4 indirect for every $1 direct © 2003 Texas Mutual Insurance Co.

  11. Titanic Hidden Cost of Accidents $1 $4 or more

  12. Hidden Cost of Accidents • Indirect Costs: • 4 or more times direct cost • Not typically covered by insurance • Deducted from company profit margin $1 Titanic $4 or more

  13. To pay for an accident with a total cost of $500 • A soft drink bottler would have to bottle and sell over 61,000 cans of soda • A food packer would have to can and sell over 235,000 cans of corn • A bakery would have to bake and sell over 235,000 donuts • A contractor would have to pour and finish 3,000 square feet of concrete • A ready-mix company would have to deliver 20 truckloads of concrete • A paving contractor must lay 900 feet of two-lane asphalt road

  14. True Cost of Accidents • Accident Description • An ironworker was directing the placement of a rebar bundle unloaded from a flatbed in the laydown yard. While backing up, the worker tripped in a small hole as the bundle was being lowered to the ground. The worker twisted his ankle and badly bruised his foot. • The crane operator was able to lift the load quickly off his foot while a few other workers in the area came to assist him. The crane operator and 3 other workers stopped activity to help carry the injured worker to the foreman’s truck for transport to the clinic. • The injury required an initial visit to the clinic for x-rays and treatment, and 2 follow-up visits prior to the worker being released with no work restrictions. He lost 2 days of work.

  15. Direct (Insured) Accident Costs • Medical Treatment $250 • No Lost-Time Benefits $0 Temporary Income Benefits-TIBs

  16. Indirect (Hidden) Accident Costs

  17. Indirect (Hidden) Accident Costs

  18. Indirect (Hidden) Accident Costs • Total Hours Spent For Accident 68 Hours • Total Indirect Costs $1,412 About 5.5 times the DIRECT COSTS!

  19. More cost of accidents

  20. Why Worry: Common Reasons Getting hurt isn’t fun!!! Cost of Accidents Legal Issues and Liability

  21. Legal Issues and Liability As a result of safety violations: You can be named in a lawsuit Criminal charges may be filed against you You can be cited by an enforcement agency You can be fined by an enforcement agency Your workplace can be shut down by an enforcement agency

  22. Legal Issues and Liability Because of personal liability, and you can be named as a defendant in a lawsuit

  23. Legal Issues and Liability You can have criminal charges filed against you. Negligent supervisors and employers have been charged with manslaughter

  24. Legal Issues and Liability You can be cited by an enforcement agency Your State Department of Labor (DOL) EPA/MDE Federal/State OSHA has authority to get involved

  25. Legal Issues and Liability You can be fined by an enforcement agency Federal/State OSHA will issue citations first There is current legislation to increase penalties EPA will levy fines… These get real expensive

  26. Legal Issues and Liability Cease and desist orders: if the violations are serious enough, agencies such as DOL, OSHA, and the EPA can (and will) shut down the job site until the problems are corrected.

  27. So how do you protect yourself? ????????

  28. Understanding Accident Causes Accidents are caused by: Unsafe conditions Unsafe acts

  29. Accident Causes Unsafe Conditions Easiest to correct (and very cost effective) Easiest to prevent Safety audits Safety inspections Maintenance schedules for equipment Encouraging employee reporting Good housekeeping

  30. Accident Causes Unsafe Acts Most difficult to address Changing behavior isn’t easy Best prevented by developing a “safety culture”

  31. Safety Cultures Establish accountability for safety Define safety responsibilities

  32. Establishing Accountability: Performance Evaluations Employees should be evaluated on their safety performance Doing a job correctly includes doing it safely Company job description revisions may include generic job descriptions with: “Must follow all general and safety policies and procedures as established by the department, college/division, and university.”

  33. Establishing Accountability Charge back systems Safety goals Accident costs Equipment damage Lost time Accident rates First aid #s Workers comp #s Loss ratios (including automobile rates) Safety Activities Safety meetings, inspections, using PPE

  34. Defining Accountability • Written Work Rules (Safety & Health Program) • Effectively Communicated (Training Program) • Progressively Enforced

  35. Hurt at Work • You've carefully thought out all the angles. • You've done it a thousand times. • It comes naturally to you. • You know what you're doing, its what you've been trained to do your whole life. • Nothing could possibly go wrong, right ?

  36. Think Again!

  37. No beavers were actually injured during the generation of this PowerPoint presentation!

  38. Thank you You are the most important safety device in your company. • Drive Safely!

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