should teens be able to buy and play video games n.
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Should Teens be able to buy and play Video games. PowerPoint Presentation
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Should Teens be able to buy and play Video games.

Should Teens be able to buy and play Video games.

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Should Teens be able to buy and play Video games.

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  1. Should Teens be able to buy and play Video games. Mrs. Pugh English 12 September 19, 2011 Brandon A. Atkinson

  2. Video games can either be positive or negative for any one person who buys and plays them.

  3. The children of today.

  4. Video games can mimic social structure in society. • Children can either learn positively or negatively from these games. • Studies have shown that some games (can) become like the characters in a games if no monitored. Be careful!!!

  5. Advertising has promoted the buying of video games amount teens. • Advertising has been around since 1972, with the release of Pong. • Advertising in the 80’s and 90’s was not as graphically accurate as modern day graphics.

  6. Kids that play video games can either lean positively or negatively form the games they play. • Video games can teach children how to interact with people in some situations. • People who play video games can learn higher cognitive skills that are not taught in school. • Games that are interactive allow people to use their brain rather than sit around all day.

  7. California has reduced its sale of video games on consumer shelves. • Teens play up to 13 hours on video games a day. (That is not long enough : ) • Depending on the games type children have a tendency to ignore or even neglect their responsibilities. • Even so some teens and children have shown aggressive tendencies after playing video games.

  8. General Studies on Video Games. • Be forewarned that the images you are about to see may cause ……… for gamers. : )

  9. Every gamers dream. • Studies have shown that no one study can explain the results of video games. • These studies have been declared inclenclusive. • Decades of research has been conducted on the effects of violent video games. • People should be able to control how they act even after they play video games. Everyone has the power to switch on and off.

  10. Research • Only about 4-10% of teens are to become aggressive because of video games. • There is around 41 million children in America. • Only around 1.6 million to 4.1 million children will become aggressive in America alone.

  11. Video games have been out longer than T.V has. • In 2004 a survey was conducted and 98% of pediatricians believe that media causes childhood aggression. • More research has been conducted on TV than on video games. • Today too many teens watch TV and don’t play enough games.

  12. Unsupervised Gaming time and other gaming things.

  13. Around 90% of teen in America have unsupervised gaming time. • This is not bad as long as teens buy games according to their ESRB rating. • ESRB is Electronic Software Rating Board. • Most teen never buy games according to their ESRB level.

  14. These are the rating created for all age groups. Most teens buy T for Teen or M for Mature. • Teens would have to have to have Adults buy A for Adults only 18+. • If a child has one of those games their parents do not care much for what they play.

  15. Males have a tendency of playing games more than girls. • Males are more prone to becoming game developers than girls. • Most girls never bother with video games because of other social activities they are associated with.

  16. Parents and ESRB

  17. ESRB has made many parents aware of what their children are playing. • ESRB was created to be a non-profit organization and will stay that way. • Every video game in the U.S.A has an ESRB symbol on it.

  18. Psychological affects of video games. This is the effect of prolonged video game exposure. Many teens and children do no see to (prolonged effect of this)

  19. Positive affects of video games. • Improved hand –eye coordination • Attention to detail • Chance to increase hearing sensitivity • Quicker response time • Ability to be creative in tricky situations

  20. Possible negative effects. • Increased agitation • Short tempered • Irritable • Disobedient

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