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Buy Semi-precious Stones

Buy Semi-precious Stones

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Buy Semi-precious Stones

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  1. Buy Semi-precious Stones ============================================= White Sapphire White Sapphire Stone is a natural gemstone associated with Uranus planet. It has excellent transparent colour and brilliant shining. It is the best alternative to Diamond. White sapphire has minor inclusions appearing with growth zoning.It has vibrant luster and eye appealing exterior. White sapphire stone has many beneficial features White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength to the wearer. The wearer is peaceful and happier. Itenhances wealth, health and luck of the wearer. These stones are worn in form of jewelry as rings, pendants and bracelets It protects against black magic and evil spirits It also a token of pure and lasting love. Safed Pukhraj enhance artistic abilities.. White Sapphiregemstone heals the crown chakra and the nervous system. Medical use of White Sapphire Gemstone White Sapphire Stone (White Pukhraj Stone) helps in curing ailments related to urinary system, strengthens reproductive health, infertility, bowel diseases, eyes and kidney disorder, constipation, gastric and cough problems. Neeli Iolite neeli (kaka neeli) is a substitute stoneof Neelam (Blue Sapphire). Itis a violet-blue colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Cordierite mineral family. It exhibits pleochroism – a unique visual property. Neeli stone has many beneficial features It gives mental stability, tranquility, spiritual enlightenment. It protects against danger of any form to wealth, life, prosperity and family. It gives professional success, financial stability and mental strength. It enhances self- vision, creativity and constructive ideas of the wearer.

  2. Medical use of Neeli Gemstone The Neeli helps in healing ailments related to the digestive system, throat, nervous system and skin. It is helpful in de-addiction of alcoholism and removes toxins from the body. It boosts body immunity thus provide protection from diseases. For More Information Visit US –