lincoln way dual credit get a head start on college now n.
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Lincoln Way Dual Credit Get a Head Start on College Now PowerPoint Presentation
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Lincoln Way Dual Credit Get a Head Start on College Now

Lincoln Way Dual Credit Get a Head Start on College Now

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Lincoln Way Dual Credit Get a Head Start on College Now

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  1. Lincoln Way Dual CreditGet a Head Start on College Now 1

  2. What should I know about Dual Credit? Head Start on College • It is a partnership between Joliet Junior College and the area high schools and career centers • You will save both time and money • Dual Credit courses count both for high school and college credit at the same time • JJC tuition and fees are waived 2

  3. Types of Dual Credit Courses General Education Courses • English IV College Writing • Finite Math • AP Statistics • AP Calculus BC • History of Western Civilization-Honors • AP United States History • AP Government & Politics US • AP Psychology • Introduction to Sociology • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3

  4. Types of Dual Credit Courses Career and Technical Education courses • Greenhouse Management, Landscaping, Nursery & Turf Management, Occupational Welding • Computer & Keyboarding Technology, Interactive Computer Applications, Programming Visual Basic, Web Page Design, A+ Certification: Computer Repair • Vocational Automotive, Building Trades, Occupational Welding 4

  5. Dual Credit and Grades • Students earn the same grade for both their high school course and the JJC course • College credit is awarded immediately upon successful completion of all Dual Credit courses • At the end of each semester, students will have a JJC transcript • Transcripts are FREE for Dual Credit students • JJC credit can used at JJC and can be transferred to other colleges/universities

  6. How do I become a Dual Credit student? • Students must complete the JJC online application (social security number is required but secure) ***Memorize your social security number Your SS# will be used in order to obtain your JJC ID number. . Your JJC ID number is used for any additional course registrations through JJC • Students must complete the paper and pen registration form received from your teacher at the beginning of your high school class & will complete this same process for every Dual Credit course

  7. Prior Testing Requirements • Students wishing to take English IV College Writing, Introduction to Sociology, AP Statistics, Finite Mathematics, or AP Calculus BC must take the ACT COMPASS test & receive appropriate scores to ensure that they have the skills and abilities for success completion of the course(s) • Students will need to have obtained a JJC ID number prior to taking the ACT COMPASS test *** there are not any testing requirements for the Career and Technical Education courses

  8. Dual Credit courses will: • Be taught at a college level • Require a higher level of thinking skills • Require maturity to handle discussions of various issues

  9. Dual Credit students will: • Be held accountable for the same policies & procedures as the regular JJC students such as: - Withdrawal deadlines -Maintain a 2.0 GPA or you are placed on Academic Caution ***this may prevent you from being eligible for additional Dual Credit courses and future Financial Aid

  10. Why should I consider becoming a Dual Credit Student? Advantages to Dual Credit. . . • JJC college credit is FREE • You will be receiving JJC credit at the same time as your high school credit saving you Time and Money • You will have prior experience regarding college procedures & policies • JJC credit as a high school student stands out to employers, other colleges, and apprenticeship programs • Career and Technical courses can verify a marketable skill

  11. Is there a down side to Dual Credit? • Poor grades and withdrawals remain on your JJC transcript • Students must notify JJC that they have dropped their Dual Credit course in order to avoid a poor grade becoming part of their JJC college transcript • Also, students must notify JJC to drop their Dual Credit course if they move, graduate early, etc. • If you have poor grades (D’s or F’s), future financial aid could be affected

  12. College credit generated through General Education courses. . Math • AP Statistics MATH 128 Elementary Statistics (4 credit hrs) (2 semesters) • Finite Math MATH 153 Finite Mathematics (4 credit hrs) (2 semesters) • AP Calculus BC MATH 170 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (5 credit hrs) (2 semesters) • ***upon successful completion of MATH 170, application to Mathematics Chairperson to receive additional 8 credit hrs held in escrow  English • English IV College Writing ENG 101 Rhetoric (3 credit hrs) 1st semester • (2 semesters) ENG 102 Rhetoric (3 credit hrs) 2nd semester 12

  13. College credit generated through General Educationcourses Social Science History of Western Civilization-Honors HIST 105History of Civilization I (3 credit hrs) (2 semesters) HIST 106 History of Civilization II (3 credit hrs) AP United States History HIST 103 History of the US to 1865 (3 credit hrs) (2 semesters) HIST 104 History of the US 1865 to present (3 credit hrs) AP Government and Politics: US PSCI 101 American National Government (3 credit hrs) (1 semester) AP Psychology PSYC 101 General Psychology (3 credit hrs) (2 semesters) Introduction to Sociology SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hrs) (1 semester) Introduction to Criminal Justice System CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice System (3 credit hrs) (1 semester) CRJ 110 Introduction to Law Enforcement (3 credit hrs)

  14. College credit generated through Career & Technical courses  Agriculture/Horticulture Greenhouse Management (2 semesters) and Landscaping, Nursery & Turf Man. HORT 100 Introductory Horticulture (3 credit hrs) (2 semesters) Agriculture Occupational Welding WELD 114 Arc Welding I (1.5 credit hrs) (2 semesters) AND WELD 121 Oxygen Acetylene Welding I (1.5 credit hrs) 14

  15. College Credit Generated through Business & Technology Business & Technology Computer & Keyboarding Technology OFS 101 Basic Computer Keyboarding (2 credit hrs) (1 semester) OFS 102 Document Formatting (3 credit hrs) Interactive Computer Applications CIS 126 Microsoft Office (3 credit hrs) (1 semester) Programming Visual Basic CIS 130 BASIC Programming (4 credit hrs) (2 semesters) Web Page Design CIS 221 Concepts of Web Design (3 credit hrs) (1 semester) Advanced Web Page Design CIS 150 Business Graphics for Microcomputers (3 credit hrs) A+ Certification: Computer Repair CIS 275 PC Troubleshooting & Toolbox (4 credit hrs) (2 semesters)

  16. College Credit Generated through Business & Technology continued • Digital Media CIS 217 Multimedia Concepts (4 credit hrs) • (I year) DGTL 101 Digital Media Capture, Management and Tools (4 credit hrs)

  17. College credit generated through Career & Technical courses: Industrial Technology Occupational Welding WELD 114 Arc Welding I (1.5 credit hrs) (2 semesters)AND WELD 121 Oxygen Acetylene Welding I (1.5 credit hrs) Vocational Automotive AS 106 Automotive Fundamentals (3 credit hrs) (2 semesters) Building Trades AEC 100 Construction Fundamentals (2 credit hrs) (2 semesters)

  18. If you need additional information. . . . Please contact your counselor. OR Contact either one of us: Sue Bahr Larry Larson 815-280-1353 815-280-1523

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