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The Next Communication Revolution

The Next Communication Revolution. Hint: It is already in your hands today. Welcome to the Mobile Revolution!.

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The Next Communication Revolution

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  1. The Next Communication Revolution Hint: It is already in your hands today

  2. Welcome to the Mobile Revolution! “We are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution that will render the principals and models of traditional marketing obsolete. A revolution that will change the face of marketing and advertising forever. A revolution that will replace traditional feature-and-benefit marketing with experiential marketing.” –Bernd H. Schmitt, author of bestselling book “Experiential Marketing”

  3. TV advertising is down 10% • Radio is down 11% • Magazine down 14% • Newspaper circulation down 18% • 90% of Emails Blast are considered SPAM Advertising Dollars Spent

  4. Who’s looking at the advertising? We’re looking at our phones!

  5. Digital (Website) Advertising is up 9% • Mobile Advertising is up 18% Advertising Shift Mobile Marketing is up 800% over the last 2 years!

  6. Why Mobile? • ReachRate: 98% opened within 4 minutes • Response Rates: average 17-30% when done properly • Timing: promotions/alerts can be sent any time of day, allowing for pinpoint accuracy of delivery • Longevity: of accurate information: cell phone numbers rarely change • Participation: building your database • Control: consumers want control • Ease of Use: simple yet robust • Social Media: integration

  7. 5.5 Billion Short Message System Enabled Phones world wide 1.5 Trillion texts sent world-wide Annually

  8. Within 5 years SMS Marketing will be a 28 Billion Dollar industry. • SMS marketing will create twice as many millionaires and billionaires than were created by the Internet. Current Estimates on SMS Marketing Technologies This is Big Money!

  9. Between the ages of 12-45 will send 60% more text messages than make voice calls Four people texting at once, beat that. Think they are texting each other? Actual blog post and caption http://thegraze.org/2009/01/game-night-at-houghs-review/

  10. Mobile Phones are so engaging people lose track of their surroundings

  11. How we Communicate Today (160 characters) I found a way to make bank txting. lol u b rich then the way u txt Serious chk it txt FLEXTIME TO 99999

  12. SMS and your business

  13. 1. Recruiting – Auto Responder – drip campaign Rep will set up a series of text messages to be sent out at predetermined times. Benefits: • Guarantees communication and visibility • Timed consistent engagement • Removes fear of phone and feeling of “pestering” • Rep controls information sent out

  14. 2. Retention/Rep Engagement – Communication with downline and from corporate • Event reminder with map link • Motivational • Success story • Rep moved “x” amount of product • #1 rep of the month/week • Announcements • Personal Video Link • Training link • Opportunity • Compensation • Product

  15. 3. Product • Secure Knowledge of (new) products • Creates urgency on select items (contests, specials, etc…) • Uses sales lead-in for all products

  16. Ways to apply this to your business • Business card Hand out (want to make money texting?) • Car window vinyl letters • Car door magnet • Grocery Bulletin board Advertising • Lawn Sign (real estate is already doing this) • Social Media (add to your profile, do not post or inbox others) • Viral (use the forward to a friend feature) • Product Sharing (text me for a free product) • Most of the 48 ways we teach to grow the business can be used

  17. Easy Set up - Example SMS Campaign

  18. How a Mobile Club Works Text START to 8988 Welcome to our mobile club So you want to earn more money from home? Click or visit www.qsmstext.com. Press 2 to opt out. Forward to a friend reply with their number. Sample only. Do not text to this number.

  19. They receive a short introduction document. • They are added to your opt-in database • You are notified instantly with their contact number (no bad emails or phone #) Behind the Scenes

  20. February 2011 – Target starts testing instant savings coupons. • Consumers can sign up for the program via the mobile Web, online, or by texting the keyword COUPONS to the short code 827438 (Target). • Mobile enrollment has double since February.

  21. Taco Bell campaign boasts 13,000 opt-ins in just 5 weeks More than 93 percent of subscriberswere still active at the conclusion of the program, confirming the value of the content offered and the cadence at which offers were sent to consumers. To date, more than 29,500 coupons have been sent out to the database.

  22. Mobile Advertising Curve of Opportunity

  23. Mobile SMS platform is $29.95 per month • Includes 500 texts • Full back office • Viral options & Social Media connection • All QTeam Training, support calls, sample sms • Add. SMS Texts $.03 per text Introductory pre-launch Offer

  24. Close - What happened at the beginning of Internet Marketing • Millionaires were made because of the message • Once Lists were built, they sold new products over and over • Today the most successful are still able to market via email! • Once you have a list and you demonstrate value you will have customers for life!

  25. Fill out the Mobile Enroll Form To participate in our pre-launch trial You must be an IBO and I suggest you have the Qivana Premium Website Also text QTeam to 87804 Link to Enroll form is also available in the initial QTeam Text

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