poppy story elements by ian and stephen n.
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Poppy Story Elements By Ian and Stephen PowerPoint Presentation
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Poppy Story Elements By Ian and Stephen

Poppy Story Elements By Ian and Stephen

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Poppy Story Elements By Ian and Stephen

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  1. Poppy Story Elements By Ian and Stephen,r:20,s:91&tx=70&ty=19

  2. Book Requirements

  3. One book requirement is you should have characters like….

  4. THE PROTAGANIST The protagonist is the hero or heroin In the book Poppy Poppy is the protagonist.

  5. AND THE ANTAGONIST The antagonist is the villain or force in the story Mr. Ocax is the antagonist . Where we got the picture.

  6. Which is a Story element. • But other story elements are…

  7. Climax The climax is the most exciting part of the story. The climax in the story is the battle between Mr. Ocax and Poppy.

  8. conflict • The form of conflict is character is vs character. • To be more specific all the mice want to move to new house but Mr. Ocax wont let them because Poppy and Ragweed went to Bannock Hill.

  9. Foreshadowing • Foreshadowing is when there is a hint for the future. • There is foreshadowing in Poppy like when Poppy says “I don’t know if I need that.”

  10. The SettingThe setting is where everything takes place. Poppy takes place in Dimwood Region.

  11. Point of view The point of view is when you hear from what’s coming from their eye’s. The point of view is mainly from Poppy’s point of view and from Mr.Ocax’s point of view.

  12. SimileSimile is when you compare things using like or as. For example Poppy said “ Seeing the owl so close surged through me like a bolt of energy.”

  13. OnomatopoeiaOnomatopoeia is a sound. There are a lot of sounds in Poppy we picked one this is it “clak”

  14. Thanks for watching 