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by courtney cranage n.
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Pets in Japan PowerPoint Presentation
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Pets in Japan

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Pets in Japan

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  1. By Courtney Cranage Pets in Japan

  2. Pets and Japanese Society Pets are a big part of the Japanese society. Most pets are looked at as family members and are a big part with Japanese lifestyle. There are around 19.3 million pets in Japan, so that is one animal to each family, and all together that is a lot. The Japanese people treat their pets like another family member and absolutely spoil and pamper their pets. So in conclusion, pets are a big part of the japanese society.

  3. Pet population In Japan there are 19.3 million pets. The number has increased by 50% between 1990 and 2000. Surveys in 2004 showed that in most Japanese households, 23.4% own dogs, 12.9% own cats, 3.7% own goldfish and 2.2% on tropical fish. 79% of people didn’t have pets and a survey was taken with the question why didn’t people own pets. 70.3% said that is was banned to have pets in the apartment they lived in. Turtles are a popular pet in Japan because they don’t smell or make any noise and can be kept in a small enclosure. Hamsters are another popular pet in Japan, mainly to households with younger kids. The population increased greatly after the ‘Hamuster’ cartoon became popular

  4. Pet Food Pet foods are divided into general foods, natural foods without additives and food prescribed by veterinarians. Owners buy meat and organic vegetables, the owners always make sure they pick foods with no additives. Many owners cook their dog’s food and many owners give their pets the same food that the family is having for dinner. Many owners spend over $2000 a month to feed their pet. Many owners cook meals for their pets that look tastier than the food that they cook for themselves.

  5. Apartments and Hotels Some apartments and condominiums in Japan do not allow people from keeping animals in these places. But as the pet popularity has arisen, landlords and condominium committees feel that they have no choice but to allow them. Apartments that allow animals usually have a waiting list. Hotels in Japan have special ways of accommodating pets. Having special rooms where owners can stay with their pets. There are also separate rooms for pets whose sizes vary according to the size of the pet.

  6. Places For Pets Animal cafés have become very popular. There are more than 120 establishments nationwide that offer exposure to dogs, birds, goats and rabbits. An inn in Yugawara in Kanagawa prefecture allows owners to bath with their pets. The fees usually cost around $10 and $20 for a half an hour bath. The bath is cleaned after each appointment.

  7. Wills for pets Owners worry about what will happen to their pets if the owner dies, so the owner makes wills that they can assure that the pets are taken care of after the owner dies.

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