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Pd project- Ikea tampines restaurant

Pd project- Ikea tampines restaurant . Chung Li Min 108039. Problem statement. Shop for products. Ikea Restaurants & Café . Shop for products. Ikea’s a household furniture company. There are people whose main objective is to go to their restaurant to eat.

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Pd project- Ikea tampines restaurant

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  1. Pd project- Ikea tampines restaurant Chung Li Min 108039

  2. Problem statement Shop for products Ikea Restaurants & Café Shop for products • Ikea’s a household furniture company. There are people whose main objective is to go to their restaurant to eat. • What can you do to enhance their dining experience or create a new dining experience for them? • Can we relocate the Ikea restaurant / implement a new outlet for Ikea restaurant? Entrance Exit http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_SG/the_ikea_story/the_ikea_store/practical_tips.html#/link5

  3. Research

  4. Ikea business • At IKEA, their vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. • Their business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. • As for their restaurant purpose is to allow the customers to have a break and have their meal before continuing with their shopping.

  5. Ikea floor plan • Intention: is to keep customers in store longer, as long as they could. • It makes the customers feels compelled to pick up a few extra impulse purchases.

  6. i Living room i Bedroom Kitchen i i i i i i i i Living room storage i i shortcut Smaland playroom Dining i i Escalator & lift (Entrance) i i i Wardrobes & storage i Toilets/ phones shortcut i To Level 3 Staircase & lift shortcut i Market hall workspace Children’s ikea i Ikea restaurant & Café i

  7. Effective restaurant design • Designs that encourage eye contact: Lots of diagonal seating or a bar in a U shape might be well received in restaurants that target a young, single market. • Breaking up the dining space with partitions or other visual barriers makes the restaurant appear pleasantly busy even during slower periods, and allows guests to feel connected to but not necessarily part of a larger group. • If given a choice of where to sit in a restaurant, a majority of people prefer sitting at a table next to some kind of permanent architectural feature: • Awindow, a wall, or even a low partition. This “anchoring” behaviour is most likely related to psychological needs. • We need personal space around us to feel comfortable. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:qWPyUgIcyeMJ:www.informedesign.org/_news/dec_v02-p.pdf+&hl=en&gl=sg&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgQSeRWzgSw6N8H5k_KnDqgF7dzseIrT46gd5M6hahC1sb5Fwiv8508J9p6aVxQ8_A_s9YWNNpuopB7vuHu3tvh1Ce_Lr2svCbuJ1XrEqmPGq9lpfQzJCLGEv4dLau9qauYVwG5&sig=AHIEtbQGQIurc-eb0tp9NTFxrnUDKlTzGw

  8. Effective restaurant design (cont’d) • Seats near to windows is most desirable for romantic dinners or intimate meals with friends. • If eating alone, they will have strong preference for anchored table in low-status part of the dining place. • Rare individuals will prefer no anchoring features tables in the middle of the place. • Diners will select an empty anchored table first but if no anchored table is available then they will choose an unanchored one that positions the diner well away from strangers. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:qWPyUgIcyeMJ:www.informedesign.org/_news/dec_v02-p.pdf+&hl=en&gl=sg&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgQSeRWzgSw6N8H5k_KnDqgF7dzseIrT46gd5M6hahC1sb5Fwiv8508J9p6aVxQ8_A_s9YWNNpuopB7vuHu3tvh1Ce_Lr2svCbuJ1XrEqmPGq9lpfQzJCLGEv4dLau9qauYVwG5&sig=AHIEtbQGQIurc-eb0tp9NTFxrnUDKlTzGw

  9. Observations

  10. Observations of current site Furniture: • Not all the restaurant furniture brings familiarity of Ikea showroom. • Using Ikea’s products as the furniture for the restaurant. • Place Ikea’s products and promote them in the restaurant along the path or where the patrons seats. Food: • The menu board does not show the description and prices clearly. • Enhance the menu board of Ikea restaurant’s popular food. (Eg: enlarge the image at the same time can see the prices and proportion better.)

  11. Ambience: • Currently, the lights do not directly have spot-lights on specific tables. • Using warm lightings and give the customers a cozy feel so that they will enjoy their food and will visit Ikea Tampines restaurant the next time. Architecture: • Currently the wall remains white. • Giving the customers a plain wall without textures what will they feel in that place. What makes them satisfied and appealed to eyes? • Paint the walls with different patterns Location: • Is the location easily accessed by the customers? Where is the satisfied location for them?

  12. Drafting the survey

  13. Questions asked? • How is the current Ikea dining experience like? • Do they include Ikea specialties in the restaurant? • Where can the restaurant be located instead of being inside Ikea? • What is the concept of the restaurant? • What is Ikea objective for the restaurant?

  14. Understanding Ikea Tampines Restaurant • Understand the users needs and wants before continuing to design. • Crafting survey to get feedbacks from the users then further enhance the dining experience.

  15. Draft Survey Questions • Name, age, profession. • Do you live near Ikea Tampines? Yes/ No • How frequent do you visit Ikea Tampines’s restaurant? Daily/weekly/ monthly/ occasionally. Please elaborate. • If you were to rate the restaurant (0-worst, 5-excellent): • Atmosphere__ • Food__ • Architecture__ • Ambience__ • Overall dining experience__ • What improvements can be done to enhance the dining experience? • If it were to be relocate or franchised out, where would you want it to be? • What should be remains or replaces with new elements?____ Why?_____ (eg: atmosphere, ambience, architecture, food and etc.)

  16. Improvised Survey Questions (Page 1) Understanding Ikea Tampines Restaurant Introduction: Hi, I am student from Design for interactivity. I am doing this survey for my project. It is regarding user-research for Ikea Tampines restaurant. Please kindly give me your valuable feedbacks for Ikea Tampines restaurant. It will roughly take about 6 minutes of your time. Thank you.

  17. Improvised Survey Questions (Page 2) • About yourself Name: Email Address: Age Range: • under 18 • 18-24 • 25-34 • 35-54 • 55+ Do you belong in any of the following profession? • Design • Food & Beverage • Business • None of the above

  18. Improvised Survey Questions (Page 3) 2. How frequent do you visit Ikea Tampines Restaurant? • Daily • Weekly • Once in a month • Once in 3 months • Others (please specify):

  19. Improvised Survey Questions (Cont’d Page 3) 3. How would you rate the Ikea Tampines restaurant? (Provide a tick for each row)

  20. Improvised Survey Questions (page 4) 4) In your opinion, which of the following could provide you a satisfying dining experience? (Tick all that applies) ATMOSPHERE- In your opinion, which will be the suitable and satisfied atmosphere? • Placement of the furniture • Layout of the restaurant • Environment • Sound (music played etc.) • Others (please specify): AMBIENCE- In your opinion, which will be the suitable and satisfied ambience? • Soft lighting (dim light , warm light) • Bright lighting (white light) • Signage (menu board etc.) • Seating (different seating plans) • Others (please specify):

  21. Improvised Survey Questions (cont’d page 4) FOOD- In your opinion, which will be the suitable and satisfied food? • Swedish Meatballs • Chicken Wings • Najad Salmon • Fish & Chips meal • Others (please specify): ARCHITECTURE- In your opinion, which will be the suitable and satisfied architecture? • Furniture (tables, chairs etc.) • Wall structures (shapes, colours etc.) • Flooring (tiles, textures etc.) • Others (please specify):

  22. Improvised Survey Questions (cont’d page 4) LOCATION- In your opinion, where is a suitable and satisfied location for the restaurant? • Inside Ikea at the right side of the Entrance • Outside of Ikea at the left side of the Exit • Outside of Ikea nearby shop houses, shopping malls. • Others (please specify):

  23. Improvised Survey Questions (Cont’d page 4) 5) Any suggestions you would recommend for improvements to enhance your dining experience: 6) If the FOOD prices were to be changed due to the NEW DINING EXPERIENCE. Will you still be willing to pay for the food? • Yes • No • Depends, please elaborate: Thank you for your valuable time and have a nice day!

  24. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  25. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  26. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  27. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  28. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  29. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  30. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  31. Improvised Survey Questions (online)

  32. Survey results

  33. Survey details • Total survey size collected: 46

  34. Rating of Ikea Restaurant

  35. Atmosphere Highest ratings: • 36.4% Environment • 28.6% Sound Most common comments: • Privacy • Cozy • More space • Add music/entertainment

  36. Ambience Highest ratings: • 43.8% Soft lighting(dim light, warm light) • 35% Seating (different seating plans) Most common comments: • To play some background music. • “Spot-lights” (with soft lightings) at each table. • Provide “homely” feel and “peaceful” ambience • Different arrangement of seating plans/themes

  37. Food Highest ratings: • 29.5% Swedish Meatballs • 28.4% Chicken Wings Most common comments: • More varieties and better quality of food

  38. Architecture Highest ratings: • 47.4% Furniture (tables, chairs etc.) Most common comments: • Have different design of furniture from Ikea to fit different seating plans • Theme dining • Comfortable • Use of furniture/themes to create homely environment.

  39. Location Highest ratings: • 67.4% Inside Ikea at the right side of Entrance Most common comments: • None.

  40. New dining experience vs money • Whether the users will be willing to pay for a new dining experience: • 47.8% Yes • 6.5% No • 45.7% Depends and elaborated • Most common comments: • “If the environment becomes better and the food is worth the price, I do not mind paying.” • “Depends on how much they increased the price to.”

  41. Proposed Design

  42. Design Considerations • Increase the “privacy” level. • Pipe in music • More spaces • Change the type of lamps used. • Change of setting. • Enable restaurant patrons to feel homely and comfortable. • Change the overall surrounding with different arrangements of seats and furniture used. • Use of Ikea furniture

  43. Design

  44. Current seating plans

  45. Improvised seating plans

  46. Changes made - Atmosphere Improvised design with new setting and pipe in music.

  47. New setting 2 1 4 3 5 7 6

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  49. 2

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