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Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference 2010

Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference 2010

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Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference 2010

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  1. Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference 2010 Presentation Frank Jeromin, Christian Löw Mosaik-Services Integrationsgesellschaft mbH

  2. Organisation Chart Mosaik Organigramm Mosaik-Unternehmen

  3. Situation of rehabilitation before foundation of Mosaik-Services At the end of the 80´s: 32 % of long-term unemployed people were disabled (but only 16% of able-bodied people) Sheltered workshops were not accepted any more as an option for people with mental health problems 1987: Amendment to disabled peoples rights (SchwbG, later SGB IX) Integration Services (PSD) were established to: 1) improve opportunities and job satisfaction of people with mental health problems who were in sheltered workshops or unemployed 2) consult and assist disabled people who were at risk of unemployment (in the open labour market)

  4. Situation of rehabilitation before foundation of Mosaik-Services Stigma debate: 1) craft and service sectors were recently accepted as appropriate employment opportunities 2) Small and clear structures, no label of „sheltered workshop“ (= high level of acceptance by disabled people) Conclusion: Forms of vocational rehabilitation of people with mental health problems at the end of the 80´s served as a catalyst for the vocational rehabilitation of all disabled people

  5. History Start in 1990: Restaurant Charlottchen 1995: Biotop (with organic bakery, shops) 1997: Cleaning services 1998: Renovating services 1999: Restaurant Gropius (at Martin-Gropius-Building) 2000: Foundation of Mosaik-Services GmbH 2000: dffb Café 2001: Café Pergamon (Pergamon museum) 2002: Cleaning and renovating: combined location (and part of the administration)

  6. History 2004: Catering, Café, Canteen at Concert Hall Berlin (Gendarmenmarkt) 2004: Café Dix (next to Berlin Gallery) 2008: Restaurant Lietzenburg (close to Charlottenburg Castle) 2009: Forsthaus Paulsborn Café at the documentation and memorial place „Topographie des Terrors“

  7. Legal definition of Integration Companies Definition made by integration office: Economic firms on the open labour market with the purpose to employ more than 25 % severely disabled people (degree of disability > = 50 %) on regular jobs with collectively agreed rates. Definition made by tax office: More than 40% severely disabled people at every single part of the company.

  8. Nahrungs- und Genussmittel Food Gebäudedienstleistungen Cleaning and Renovating Vollkorn-bäckerei/ Laden Organic Bakery/Shop Gebäudereinigung Cleaning Services Gastronomie Restaurants/ Catering Malereibetrieb Renovating Company Organigramm Mosaik-Services GmbH Organisation Chart Mosaik-Services GmbH

  9. Gastronomie-ObjekteRestaurant Sites

  10. Mosaik-Services IntegrationsgesellschaftmbH employs • disabled people at collectively agreed rates of pay in restaurants, catering, cleaning services, the health food sector, wholemeal bakery and painting. • The commitment of this part of the group demonstrates in exemplary fashion how disabled people can be successfully integrated into the mainstream labour market. • With a staff of around 220, about 60% of whom are officially recognised as severely disabled people, Mosaik-Services GmbH is the largest integration company in Berlin and one of the biggest in Germany. The Aim, The Commitment

  11. The work in all parts of the company opens up more opportunities for the individual to develop as a person (concerning living, family and social life) • The overall, closely coordinated rehabilitation chain extends from - the special support group to - vocational training and work, - to employment in integration companies at collectively agreed rates. - On account of this approach, our facilities are also directed at people with severe mental or cognitive disabilities, multiple disabilities and sensory disabilities. The Aim, the Commitment

  12. Mitarbeiterentwicklung 1990-2009 Increasing number of staff 1990-2009

  13. Increasing number of staff 2005-2009 (in restaurants and catering)

  14. Different types of disability (2009)

  15. Ausbildungsplätze seit 2003 In Training Passed Unfinished Availability of apprenticeshipssince 2003 Employed in Mosaik-Services

  16. 57 % of all employees are disabled. • Currently 44 apprenticeship places are offered - 29 of them are staffed with disabled trainees. • Since 2003, 116 apprenticeship places were generated. • 81 % of all trainees did pass their training successfully – 78 % of them were disabled trainees. • 51 % of all trainees (who passed the training successfully) obtained a job with standard wages. • Since 1990, 40 apprenticeship places and jobs with standard wages were generated for disabled people coming from workshops for disabled people (27 of them are still in work). Interesting facts about Mosaik-Services

  17. Vielen Dank Thank You