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  1. French & Indian War Colonies In Turmoil Protest to Revolution The Protest Continues Anything Goes 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 10 pt 10 pt 10 pt 10 pt 10 pt 15 pt 15 pt 15 pt 15 pt 15 pt 20 pt 20 pt 20 pt 20 pt 20 pt 25 pt 25 pt 25 pt 25 pt 25 pt

  2. This group had to choose sides between the French and the British

  3. Who were the Native Americans? I choose the French!

  4. He led the British soldiers in the French and Indian War. He was also our country's 1st President.

  5. Who was George Washington? We can beat the French!

  6. This is the name of George Washington’s fort in the Ohio Valley

  7. What was Fort Necessity? What a small fort I named!

  8. Name the two countries that battled in the French and Indian War

  9. Who was France and Great Britain? Great Britain won the war!

  10. Name one reason the British wanted to control the Ohio Valley

  11. The French wanted to keep the British from traveling up North. They did not want them to compete with them for their profitable fur trading business with the Native Americans. I will trade this fur for a musket

  12. He published this political cartoon

  13. Who was Benjamin Franklin? A penny saved is a penny earned!

  14. Under this Proclamation, settlers were forbidden to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains

  15. What was the Proclamation of 1763?

  16. This was the name of a tax on legal documents such as wills, diplomas, and marriage papers.

  17. What was the Stamp Act? I hate the Stamp Act!

  18. This was the name of the tax placed on molasses

  19. What was the Sugar Act? I need molasses In my tea!

  20. The colonists argued that only elected officials can vote on the right to pass taxes. This concept became known as.

  21. What was “no taxation without representation?” We all agree!

  22. This tax was placed on goods such as glass, paper, paint, tea and lead. The taxes were low, but the colonists still objected.

  23. What was the Townshend Act? I do not like these taxes!

  24. This protest group of men was formed during the Stamp Act

  25. Who were the Sons of Liberty? No more taxes!

  26. This man said, “give me liberty or give me death!”

  27. Who was Patrick Henry? I shall fight for justice, “give me liberty or give me death!”

  28. Under this law, colonists had to provide housing, candles, bedding and beverages to British soldiers stationed in the colonies

  29. What was the Quartering Act?

  30. On March 5, 1770 some colonists called some British soldiers names and threw snow balls at them. The British soldiers then fired upon the colonists killing five of the colonists. Name this event.

  31. What was the Boston Massacre? The first person killed in the massacre was an African American

  32. Some patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians and threw tea into the harbor in protest of the Tea Tax. Name this event.

  33. What was The Boston Tea Party? Look Boston Harbor is a giant tea cup!

  34. As a result of the Boston Tea Party, King George III passed these acts to punish the colonists. Name these acts.

  35. What were the Intolerable Acts? We will punish those colonists!

  36. These were colonists that could fight on a minutes notice

  37. What were the minutemen? I can fight in just a minute!

  38. This term is used to describe when a colonist refused to drink tea in protest to the new imposed taxes

  39. What was a boycott?

  40. These were the first musket shots in Concord, at the North Bridge. This term was used to describe the start of the American Revolution.

  41. What was the “shot heard ‘round the world?” This was the start of the revolution!

  42. This plan called for a grand council with representatives from each colony. The council would raise taxes, make laws, and set up for the defense of the colonies. Name this plan.

  43. What was The Albany Plan of Union? I came up with the plan!

  44. This Treaty marked the end of fighting between the French and British

  45. What was the Treaty of Paris? It was signed In 1763

  46. An army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency is called a

  47. What is a militia?

  48. I was the 1st President He went with General Braddock. He warned him that he was moving his troops too slow. Braddock ignored his suggestion to move faster during battle at Fort Duquesne

  49. Who was George Washington? He should of listened to me!

  50. He said this: “ Everyone cries a union is needed, but when they come to the manner and for of the Union, their weak noodles are perfectly distracted!” I also invented The lightening rod!