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Bellwork #6: MCT2 Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Bellwork #6: MCT2 Practice

Bellwork #6: MCT2 Practice

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Bellwork #6: MCT2 Practice

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  1. Bellwork #6: MCT2 Practice Which statement correctly identifies the structure of the chapter entitled The Rescue as the first chapter of the book? {2.a} [DOK 2] (Basic) A. Sequential order B. Chronological order C. Order of importance D. Compare/contrast

  2. Bellwork #7: MCT2 Practice Read the following excerpt from A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive. “No matter what the family was doing, she somehow came up with a constructive lesson; though we were not usually aware that we were being taught.” Based upon context clues, what can the reader infer is the meaning of constructive lesson? {1.d} [DOK 2] (Proficient) A. Mom knew how to take a situation and make the best of it. B. Mom knew how to turn everyday activities into valuable life lessons. C. Mom knew how to turn boring chores into fun lessons. D. Mom knew how to teach hard lessons through her anger.

  3. Bellwork #8: MCT2 Practice Which of the following sentences from the chapter entitled Good Times supports the prediction that the narrator faces tough times? {2.b} [DOK 3] (Advanced) A. The most memorable trip to the river for me, happened the year I was in kindergarten. B. Mom told me she was crying because she was so happy to have a real family. C. I never felt as safe and as warm as that moment in time, at the Russian River. D. Without speaking a word, Mom must have felt my fear.

  4. Bellwork #9: MCT2 Practice Based upon the first person point of view, which of the following words accurately evaluates the changes in the narrator’s character? {2.d} [DOK 3] (Proficient) From quiet to shocked From shy to outgoing From submissive to resilient From abused to rescued

  5. Bellwork #10: MCT2 Practice Which sentence from the chapter entitled The Rescue signals a change in the plot leading to a resolution to the conflict? {2.d} [DOK 3] (Proficient) A. Mother drops my oldest brother off, but keeps me for a lecture about her plans for me tomorrow. B. Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven’t let her take away my will to somehow survive. C. I look to my right and see a sign that reads, “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIGHWAY IN THE WORLD.” D. The entire room lets out a howl at me—the reject of the fifth grade.

  6. The Character of “Mommy”

  7. The Character of “The Mother”

  8. Mother’s Manipulation