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T-shirt Design Competition PowerPoint Presentation
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T-shirt Design Competition

T-shirt Design Competition

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T-shirt Design Competition

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  1. T-shirt Design Competition Summer Fete 2014 Design a t-shirt, wear it to the fete, enter the competition and perhaps win the prize ! Hamilton Primary School PSA Previous Years competition

  2. The theme for the design is ‘Celebration’

  3. Choose an design to put on to your t-shirt

  4. What is your favourite celebration?

  5. Your design needs to be: eye-catching • The picture needs to be based around • Try to make your picture eye-catching • Use bold, simple shapes – don’t make the pictures too detailed or over-complicated • Use strong, bright, fresh colours • Think about the size of the picture in relation to the size of the t-shirt • Think of using patterns or repeated images celebration simple shapes be bold

  6. Design considerations The colour of the t-shirt material will be white as it is the easiest to use as all shades of colour will stand out well against white Identify your picture area on the t-shirt The central chest is the normal area but you might want to use the sleeve areas or the back of the t-shirt Try to imagine what the t-shirt will look like on and try to imagine where the creases of the fabric will be and where the picture won’t be seen in full If your design is going to be symmetrical you need to know where the middle lines and centre are before you start

  7. Planning your design • Firstly plan out your design on a piece of A4 paper • Use a lead pencil to begin with • If you can, find images to help get you started from the resources you have available – books/magazines or perhaps from the internet • You could copy/trace images and them adapt them • Be prepared to make changes to your design at the beginning as your ideas might change once you’ve started • Think about keeping the shapes you use simple and not too detailed to make it easy for you to paint it on the actual t-shirt • Think about what colours you are going to use • Once you are happy with your design plan you can transfer it onto the actual t-shirt using a light coloured fabric pen/chalk or charcoal pencil

  8. What colours can be used • Fabric paint comes in lots of different colours but can be mixed just like poster paint so you can use whatever colours you like • Normal paint techniques can be used to apply paint • Once the paint is dried and fixed by ironing, the t-shirt can be worn and washed again and again • Textures can be created by using sponges, coarse brushes or splattered on but mind your other clothes or surroundings! • Other materials include marker pens, highlighter pens, crayons and 3D embossed squashy gel type pens • Ribbons, sequins, feather or other things can be stuck or sown onto the t-shirts but they might not be able to be washed and will be ‘one off’ creations

  9. any colour is possible 3D squashy pens any type of brush thick and thin lines

  10. Use of stencils • You might want to think about using a cut out stencil for large areas of colour and use a sponge to apply the paint – this a quick and effective way of applying paint • You might want to find an image and copy/trace it to get the general shape of something and then adapt it

  11. Use block printing • You could make your own printing blocks or use a potato to print on to your t-shirt. It is a quick and easy way to create some really bright and eye-catching pictures potato prints block printing

  12. To make a good design Keep your design simple Not too detailed Not many words, but a bold a picture Clean bold use of colour

  13. Start your design now Make yours a winner

  14. Remember to do a plan first and if you come to a workshop BRING the plan with you! Do a plan of your design on an A4 piece of paper first. Make it the same size as the size you want it to be on the t-shirt

  15. The T-shirt workshop booking forms will be issued this Friday. Be quick to return the forms to the PSA as there are limited spaces!

  16. This year there will be 4 different judging groups: Reception Years 1 and 2 Years 3 and 4 Years 5 and 6

  17. What next? • Take your design plans home at the end of the day • If you want to enter the competition you can either ask your parents or guardian to help you make the t-shirt yourself at home or • The PSA will be running a series of workshops where they will provide you with a t-shirt and all the fabric paints and pens, as well as helping you to produce your t-shirt • At the end of this week you will be given aletter and booking form telling you more about the competition and the workshops • Make sure you get your name in quick for a place on the workshop!