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How to Improve Android & Iphone Mobile App Engagement With Push Notifications PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Improve Android & Iphone Mobile App Engagement With Push Notifications

How to Improve Android & Iphone Mobile App Engagement With Push Notifications

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How to Improve Android & Iphone Mobile App Engagement With Push Notifications

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  1. How to Improve Android & IPhone Mobile App Engagement with Push Notifications Think that your job is done once the user downloads your app? Think again. Getting your app downloaded is only half the battle won. The next and bigger challenge is to get them engaged. Push notification is a smart mobile marketing tool to engage the users even when they are not actively using your app. Simply put, push notifications are super short messages that appear on users’ screen, keeping them in the loop of events, updates, deals, promotions, in-store activities and a lot more. Think of push notification as giving a slight nudge on the shoulder to someone you were once introduced to but haven’t met since a while. What push notifications do for your business is getting the person greet you back and consider In the crowded app marketplace, it’s easy to be deserted by your user. Push Notification has emerged as a winning marketing tool. As per a study conducted by Localytics, push notifications can bring down App Abandonment Rate by 10%. All in all, push notifications help you pull customers. Push notifications not only keep the users from deleting or forgetting your app, but keep them loving you and come back for more. to buy something from you. It’s a marketing tool with a difference when your users are receiving a push notification, it’s because they have opted for it. And that’s

  2. where it gets an edge over other similar (but not same) mobile marketing tools. The smart thing to do is ask them to opt in as soon as they download your app and open it for the first time. That is your best chance to turn your users into subscribers. Provided you keep your message targeted, personalized, and relevant, it can create 3X more engagement. Get more out of your app – Push it! Recent surveys have revealed that more than 50% of the users sign up for push notifications for availing discounts and offers. In a way, users who’ve opted for receiving push messages are up-and- ready to shop on your app. All you have to do is send them actionable, personalised push messages. Push notifications also work great to let the users know about app updates, both free and paid. But the real edge that push notifications provide is that it lets you perform actions based on users’ external events, bridging the trust gap. It’s a proven strategy for driving a marked increase in active, engaged users. Screen flow analytics show that the users often add products to their shopping cart but leave the page without finishing the order. But a push notification can bring them back with their wallet. Look at this example –‘Hi Sam, the lace dress you left in your cart is now available at 10% discount. Check out.’ We are sure, Sam would have a hard time ignoring such an offer. Research has revealed that personalised push message can save 2 out of 3 unfinished orders. Try to link the push message in such a way that a single click gets the users straight to where they left, the shopping cart. Choose an app builder that allows you to send out time-sensitive, geo-smart push notifications to your targeted audience. Done right, push notifications can do much more for your business - Optimise app use, drive conversions and get even the latent users to engage with your app.