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Purchasing a Home: Cash Versus Loans PowerPoint Presentation
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Purchasing a Home: Cash Versus Loans

Purchasing a Home: Cash Versus Loans

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Purchasing a Home: Cash Versus Loans

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  1. PurchasingaHome: Cash VersusLoans Carrying aroundtheloadofadebtis atoughdecision tomake andeventougher tostickwith. Nomatterwhereyouturn, you canhear peoplecomplaining about it.However, when purchasing a home,itisnotalwayslogicaltobuyitwithcash.Anumberofpeopleendup payingasmuchcashasthey can toavoid themassiveloanpayment andinterestrate associated withhomeloans but their financialhealthmay not always beinthat decision. There areanumber of factors that must beconsideredbeforedeciding onpurchasing a homewithcashorafinancingplansuchasmortgage. Cutting CostsandVictors inaBidding War When youdecidetopay cashforahome, youcansafelyeliminate theneedtopay aninterest on the large loanamountas wellas cutdownonclosing costs associatedwithsuchfinancing suchas appraisalfees andassessing fees. Yourofferontheresidential propertiesinLucknow, U.P. oranyotherisalsomore attractive tosellers as itgives a senseofsecurity andsafetyto them. Purchasing a homewithcashisalso a quicker andeasierprocess as there arenotalot of negotiations involved.Loans involve approvals andanumberof processes thatcandampen thespirit oftheselleras wellas buyer. Hence,cashbuyers may evenreceiveadiscountofsortsforpayingitallupfront. Intheeventthebuyerwantstosell the house, he doesnot have towaitfora long time either as hehas allthelegalrightandauthorityto doso.

  2. Understanding thePandora Box ofa Loan Althoughthecashofferhas anumber ofbenefits, obtaining a loancanalsomakesense. Peoplemay alsoprefer tonothave theirhands tied down by investing sucha largechunkof money intotheir home.When youpay withcash,youarereducing the levelofliquidity you canenjoy.Whenyourhomerequires attentionsuchas amajor renovation, youcanoftenfind yourself in a fix withoutany money. Ifyouwishtosellyour cashbought home, itcanalsoposeas aproblemas youmight not have enoughliquidcash to putdownas a depositamount for the new home aswellas have tax implications. New residential projectsinLucknowareboughtwithboth;hence,youneedtounderstand whatabetteropportunity is foryou.The greaterinvestment returnyouobtaindepends on yourchoice. As long as you havesomebackup reservessaved,payingfor cashis alsoas good anoptionasahomeloan.