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Wedding Photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photography

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  1. Wedding Photography Carly Robertson

  2. The Objective: Capture the essence of the wedding, the joy and the grievances. Pictures should be pleasing to the eye and display good memories. Wedding photography is limited in the fact that it is one event, with specific events to capture. A photographer has one chance to capture “the picture”. Because of this, creativity is restricted, which makes it harder to get inspired. However, to get the best array of pictures possible there are some basic tips to being a good wedding photographer and capturing good pictures.

  3. Know the location- brainstorm possible pictures that work with the location. Know the shots you want- make a list of the necessary shots, you don’t want to forget an important shot. • Understand the expectations- consult the couple and find out what they want in the pictures.

  4. Take risks- Don’t be afraid to be bold, but don’t get in the way • Shoot everything wedding related- don’t just shoot people, shoot pictures of the décor, rings, dresses, Etc. Photos from:

  5. Know the lighting- Do you need flash? Where is the light coming from? • Take candid photos- capture events as they happened, while they happen.

  6. Don’t Delete your Photos- photo that may look bad can be edited and turn out to be a great shot. • Scope out backgrounds- For posed shots find a simple, uncluttered background. Photo from:

  7. Mix things up with angles-once in a while switch the perspectives to make the photos interesting. Photo from: • Catch a giant group photo- Somehow; try to get a picture with everyone in attendance. Photo from: • Continuous Shooting mode- For special events, it gives a wide selection of photos so it’s more likely to attain an excellent picture.

  8. Record Mishaps- some things that may seem like a disaster as they happen can be great stories and memories later. Picture from: Photo from: • Have fun- capture the fun, joy, and brilliance of the wedding. Have fun by making the photos creative and exciting.

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