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Email Encryption PowerPoint Presentation
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Email Encryption

Email Encryption

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Email Encryption

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Press the ‘F5’ Key to Begin. Email Encryption using Cisco Ironport Click here to begin

  2. Contents Sending an encrypted email Receiving an encrypted email • Registering with Cisco • Opening the email (after registration) Replying to an encrypted email Re-Setting a forgotten password Advanced functionality Further Information

  3. Sending an Encrypted Email from Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Email System Only Outlook Click here to continue

  4. Compose a new message as normal by:Clicking “New Mail” Click the left mouse button after each step to continue.

  5. Enter the email details as normal i.e. recipients email address, subject, message and add any attachments.

  6. To apply the encryption you must click the ‘Encrypt Message’ button shown here. The button will be highlighted orange when selected.

  7. NB: Do not include any personal data in the subject. If the button is not available you can manually type the word [Secure] at the beginning of the subject.

  8. Ensure that the word [Secure] is in square brackets. Variations in format will be accepted including [SECURE] [secure] and [Secure]. However you must not mix the case of the characters for example [secUre] with an upper-case character in the middle would not encrypt the message.

  9. Once you have finished composing your message click “Send”

  10. Receiving an Encrypted Email This process should be the same for all email clients with the exception of NHS mail which requires an additional step Click here to continue

  11. Open your email system. You will notice that the encrypted message that you have received says “You have received a secure message…” as the message summary. This will be the same every time you receive an encrypted message. Please note the subject is visible before the message is un-encrypted.

  12. Open the email. You will now see some basic instructions on opening the secure message. If you are a first time recipient you will need to register with Cisco. You will only need to do this once. To register open the attachment by clicking ‘Download’

  13. Click the ‘Open’ button. The ‘File Download’ dialogue box opens.

  14. The Cisco Secure Registered Envelope will appear, as below. Now Click Register

  15. IF you receive this message click ‘OK’

  16. Complete the registration form by entering your first name, last name, creating a passcode, security phrase and some security questions.

  17. Now Click the register button.

  18. You should now see this confirmation screen and you will be sent an email, which you will need to activate your account.

  19. Return to your inbox and open the new email from ‘CRES Do Not Reply’

  20. Click here to activate the account. You may wish to keep this message in case you ever wish to deactivate your account.

  21. You should now see this final confirmation screen.

  22. Return to your inbox and open the original ‘encrypted’ message.

  23. Open the attachment once again by clicking ‘View’ or ‘Download’

  24. Now enter the password that you have just created.

  25. Now Click ‘Open’

  26. IF you receive this message click ‘OK’

  27. What about an attachment?

  28. Attachments are simply displayed as a sub-heading of the message To open an attachment left click the blue text,

  29. Replying to an Encrypted Email This process shows you how to reply to an encrypted email with your own encrypted email. Click here to continue

  30. With the original encrypted email open click ‘Reply’. Please note: using the reply option in your email system will not encrypt your reply.

  31. Compose your message. You can request to receive a copy of the email and also a read receipt so that you can confirm the message reaches it’s destination. A read receipt cannot be guaranteed when using ‘Secure Reply’.

  32. Click here to add attachments.

  33. Now browse your files for any attachments you wish to add. Once you have selected a file click the ‘add. button. You can add multiple attachments. Once you have added all attachments click the ‘Done’ button.

  34. Once you have finished composing you message. Click Send.

  35. You will then see a confirmation screen and you will receive a copy of the message and/or read receipt in your own email inbox if these have been requested.

  36. This is an example read receipt.

  37. This is what you should expect to receive in a Trust email system i.e. GroupWise if you receive an encrypted reply. The process to open the message should remain the same.

  38. Re-setting a forgotten password Click here to continue

  39. Open the attachment of the an encrypted message by clicking ‘View’ or ‘Download’

  40. Or enter the following web address into internet explorer

  41. Now click the ‘forgotten password’ link. Here if re-setting the password via the internet And here if re-setting the password via an email message

  42. Now enter the email address that the account is registered to and click the ‘continue’ button.

  43. An email will now be sent to this email address. Return to your inbox and open the message. NB: Check your SPAM if the message does not appear.

  44. Click on the link in the email

  45. Now enter a new password in the first box and confirm the password in the second box. Once you have done this click the ‘Continue’ button.

  46. Your password has now been re-set and you should use your new password to open any future messages.

  47. Advanced Functionality Click here to continue

  48. You can log-in to Cisco on the internet to: • Edit your personal details • Change your security phrase and/or security questions • Change your password • Change your preferences including read-receipt settings • Manage previous messages • Compose a new message

  49. To log-in navigate to the Cisco login screen byentering the following web address into internet explorer Now enter your registered email address and password Once you have done this click the ‘Login’ button.

  50. You will automatically see the screen below once logged in. From here you can compose and send new encrypted email messages.