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Water RELAY challenge for schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Water RELAY challenge for schools

Water RELAY challenge for schools

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Water RELAY challenge for schools

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  1. Water RELAY challenge for schools Mo Farah Foundation

  2. What is a water relay challenge and why ? The Mo Farah Foundation recognises that children all over the world are suffering hugely because they don't have access to clean safe drinking water. Their health, education and families are all affected by this. In 2013 the Mo Farah Foundationplans to launch the water relay challenge to all schools nationwide. Along with the support of Youth sport trust and Sports impact, we aim to not only raise awareness of this massive issue but to give children more of an in-depth feeling and understanding of what it’s like each day in the life of a child in Somalia and across Africa and how difficult it is to gain safe access to clean drinking water .

  3. How does it work? The water relay challenge: The challenge aims to focus on the difficulties children (mainly girls) face each day in order to collect water for themselves and families to drink. The relay consists of: • Finding water from the grounds/ river( in your case a large tub, bucket or paddling pool). • Fill the bucket with the water using small tools or hands. • Use the pre designed filter method to filter as much water as you can into the bucket. • Walk the distance carrying the bucket to the finish line. • Empty the water into a clear container and see the results!

  4. Challenge break down. Player 1- Sourcing the water Many schools may not have access to a water pump so this can be done using a large area or paddling pool etc filled with dirty water (the water station). The aim for the first relay member to use minimal tools as possible to fill their bucket with as much of the dirty water as they can. They will then carry it to the next team member. Player 2 & 3 filter the water This process will need 2 players. They will filter the water using a (pre design by team) handmade filter method. (tights or stockings are a handy tip) The aim is to do this as efficiently as possible keeping as much water in the bucket as they can. Player 4 – walk the distance Once the water has been filtered to the cleanest possible the next team member is then responsible for carrying the bucket load on their head (or just using hands) while walking 400 metres to meet the finish line or their next team mate who will take up the ‘water baton. This process can continue with as many relay members as available until the finish line. An unlimited number of teams can take part and the team that makes it to the finish line first with the most water left in their bucket will win the challenge and a prize.

  5. Things to consider Once you have finished the relay, we would you to take a time to consider the following: • How much time & effort did it take to get 1 cup of clean water? • Imagine you had no team to help. • Could you do this everyday? • Would you drink the water you were left with at the finish line ? ( use clear cup to scoop and look) • Think about how easy it is for us to gain water how do you think the children in Africa would feel if they could do that also? • What do you think the children would like to do with their time instead of fetching water for their family.

  6. Health & Safety tips: Water • The water relay challenge MUST be held outside. • Please note this challenge involves heavy amounts of water and spillages. • A teacher must be present at the watering station at all times. Clothing • You will be provided with a water poncho, we advised you wear this at all times during the challenge. • Be sure to wear suitable shoes to prevent slipping. Other • Please ensure you drink plenty of water before and after the challenge. It may be hot so don’t forget sun cream and sun hats! • Carrying the buckets of water may feel heavy, always be sure to bend your knees as you pick up the buckets and ask for help from your team if you need.

  7. How to get involved? The purpose of the challenge is to raise enough money per borough to build a water well in a village of Somalia. The installation of water wells and rehabilitation canals make a huge difference to the communities, water wells not only provide clean safe drinking water but remove the everyday pressure of having to source & fetch it leaving time for other things, such as education. We encourage each child to raise a small sponsorship contribution. • £5 – Will supply a village with one agricultural tool kit • £10 – Will provide fresh clean water containers for one family • £50 – • £100- Milestones £3,000 – Water well • £7,000 – Water Canal rehabilitation Every school in a UK borough is eligible to join, and you will be able to keep up with your school/ borough progress on our league table system. If your borough successfully raise’s £3,000 sponsorship money between them, they will have a water well names after them There are plenty of exclusive prizes to be won for different categories, such as most money raised, best filter method, most teams to take part.

  8. How to register? You can register your school by filling in the attached form and sending it back to: Mo Farah Foundation, CEC offices, 3rd floor, Regal house, 70 London rd Twickenham TW12QS Alternatively you register or find out more information: Or Tel: 02086224571/73

  9. Thank you !

  10. Questions • How will the league tables work if all schools enter at different times. • Will there be an end point? What is the cut off date? End of Jun/ July • Confirm the registration process and management of the schools. • Target age group- 4-11yrs • What will be base the competitions and prize winning on; prizes on site for winning team ? • - Most money raised per team • - Most teams that took part • - Best filter method • - Design for water well • Shall we look into big sponsor ?