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christmas season

christmas season. -A time to share. LOVE. SPC ON MISSION OF.

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christmas season

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  1. christmas season -A time to share LOVE SPC ON MISSION OF The period of advent is a time given by the church to its faithful to prepare themselves for the birth of Jesus, the saviour of humanity and of the world. Many people prepare for his birth in different ways. This 2008, the members of Spiritans Peer Circle decided to use their talents to bring food to 200 families. Once more, they demonstrated their commitment to reaching out to the people of Barangay T. Padilla in Cebu City through a mission of love by distributing bundles of Joy to 200 children. As young people who are also battling for economic survival, they used their talents in raising money to carry out this mission by carolling to some houses in Cebu city. On August 20th, they organised a feeding program coupled with a seminar on basic hygiene, and last December 23rd, they were able to distribute 2 kilos of rice, canned goods, and each to 200 children aged 4 to 10. Before the distribution of the bundles of Joy, the Spiritans Peer Circle had a carolling (panaygon). It was a nice experience for them singing Christmas songs to the homes of friends of Fr. Martin, the spiritual director of the SPC. They realized a total of 12,750p and with the money, they were able to buy 6 sacks of rice, canned goods, and noodles. Some donors also gave in kind. All these helped us to pack a total of 200 gifts with each bag containing 2 kilos of rice, canned goods, and noodles. On the 23rd of December, though many members of SPC had gone home for the holidays, Riza and Maymarie were on hand to be with the Children during the distribution, along with the SK officials, some Kenyan students, and Mrs. Astrid Boza, a donor invited by Fr. Martin. Thanks to all, the distribution was orderly and quick. All the parents and the lucky children were happy and thanked the SPC and Fr. Martin

  2. President's Corner By: Pamela D. Cagayan It was once in July 2008 when a group of young people gathered together to form an organization with the guidance of a Spiritan priest, Fr. Martin Ilozue-Okafor, CSSp. This organization became known as Spiritan Peer Circle. Mostly, these young people were once students from MSU-IIT, Iligan city who were eager to render a service through a mission as young professionals. But the mission involves two-way strategies: first, understanding and interpreting what is going on around us and secondly, identifying what we can do about the situation. And so, with all these questions, we came up with an answer: to give a name in our community and create our goal. The goal of the Spiritans Peer Circle is to be a responsible adult in the society by following the teaching of Christ in the Church and through Spiritan spirituality. Our objective as young people is that we are united to provide the best quality of services for the individual and community through God-centered and people-oriented programs grounded on the holistic development of the human person to face the challenges of the world. The SCPians have the intense desire and are dedicated to reach out in helping the less privileged. In fact, we had our outreach program at Barangay. T. Padilla whichwas held on September 21st last year and followed by Christmas gifts bundles of joy last December 2008 by caroling at the different houses around Cebu City and received some donations and contributions from generous friends and concerned peers. Our meetings fall on every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. We have our Eucharist at the center, followed by reflections or talks on scriptures and plans about the next program. For the year 2009, our schedule is as follows:

  3. For the young professionals who would like to devote themselves through service to do the teachings of Christ, the SPCians are inviting you to join our community. It’s important for us also as followers of Christ that we begin to offer ourselves a sense of personal relationship, not only with friends and family but also with God. Giving, for us, is a practice not because there is a need but because everyone has a need to give. Activities Caught on Cam sharing of ideas The smiling faces of the SPC members Reading session

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