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  1. Reservations Power Point Presentation Prepared by NFS Please follow the instructions at the top of each slide. Click anywhere to begin

  2. Reservations • 1. “Look and Feel” • 2. Making and Editing a Booking • 3. Moving a Booking and Blocking Slots • 4. Find a Booking • 5. Booking Reports

  3. Reservations “Look and Feel”

  4. Notice you can easily view multiple courses. Click Eden Course

  5. Now click New Course, noticing the time line changes at the bottom of the screen as you change courses.

  6. Easily click a slot, make a booking or take a deposit for a booking. Also, for the selected course, click the 1,2,3 or 4 button next to the time line to instantly see availability for that number of players. Click the number 2

  7. Single course view. Notice the action of clicking the 2, puts a black dot everywhere you can get a 2 ball out. From here simply click any of the black dots to book that time. Now click totals in the bottom left corner. Notice this gives instant info about the course. Click anywhere

  8. You have the option to show all players names or just the lead name. Now click day view

  9. Notice you have multiple views of the tee sheet. Now click the date. Just click a date and jump the tee sheet straight to it. Now click view

  10. Notice there are multiple options. Click Tee Sheet Size and then choose large. Notice this changes the look of the tee sheet and increases button sizes. Click anywhere

  11. Reservations “Look and Feel” Hopefully the first section of this power point shows you how easily you can navigate around the Tee Sheets, arrange personal views and it gives you a “feel” for the product.

  12. Reservations Making a Booking

  13. Click the date, now choose the between 12 – 2 tab and select January 20th 2011. Notice how all courses jump to that date and time. Click anywhere

  14. Now click the 12.10pm slot on the Castle Course to make a reservation

  15. Search for the customer or member by typing in the selected window or swiping their card. To miss this section out and jump straight to the booking, click Skip. From here type the name and click OK to book or pre pay to take a deposit. Click OK complete the booking

  16. Reservations Editing a Booking

  17. Now click the 12.10 smith reservation on the Balgrove course

  18. We can now edit this reservation. Click reservation source. This list is configurable, but notice how you can choose the source of the booking, which can then be reported on. Click anywhere

  19. To increase the number of players simply click the + or – symbol. Click the + symbol 4 times. Notice you can click auto send email confirmations and there is a full audit log for this reservation. Click OK to confirm the changes

  20. Notice the reservation changes have been made. Click anywhere

  21. Reservations Making and Editing a Booking This section of the power point shows the benefits our integrated Tee Times can bring to any club. Not only is the booking and editing process quick and simple but it allows you to capture information throughout the process.

  22. Reservations Moving a Booking

  23. Moving bookings are easy. Simply click the booking you wish to move, in this example click Jim Bond at 9.00am on the New Course

  24. Now click cut

  25. Now click the 1.20 slot on the Old Course

  26. Now click paste

  27. Notice now the booking has been moved. Click anywhere

  28. You can also move bookings by dragging and dropping. Click and hold the 11.50 Kingsbury slot and drag it to the 10.10 slot. Notice the booking has now moved. Click anywhere

  29. Reservations Blocking Slots

  30. Blocking slots is similarly very simple. To block slots between 7.00 and 7.40, click 7.00 and then drag down to 7.40. Then click the highlighted slots followed by the Block Slots option

  31. Then choose the blocking code required. These codes are configurable by name, rules and colour. In this example click Grounds Maintenance

  32. The slots are now blocked. To compress the block click the – symbol. Now the block is compressed, notice the time slots on the left jump from 7.00 to 7.50 to represent the blocked slots

  33. To make a block booking across multiple days click Day View then select month view.

  34. To block slots between Sat 22nd and Fri 29th from 6.00 to 7.00. Click the highlighted slot (top left) and drag your mouse down and along until you reach the highlighted 7.00am and Fri 29th slot. Now click the highlighted block

  35. Select block slots and choose Dark Times. This method is the same for restricting slots as well as blocking slots.

  36. Reservations Moving a Booking and Blocking Slots In this section of the power point you can see the benefits a fully Microsoft windows based application can bring to the any club. With easy cut and paste, drag and drop and full windows functionality, managing bookings is very easy.

  37. Reservations Finding a Booking

  38. To find a booking, click the magnifying glass search symbol, followed by reservation option.

  39. Notice you can search from a specific date and specific field. In this example we are searching for Brian Hall. Input the first few letters of their name and the system will list all upcoming bookings under that name. Click the 11.20 New Course booking to continue

  40. Notice the system jumps you straight to that booking. Just click to edit or move.

  41. Reservations Finding a Booking In this section of the power point you can see the benefits of using an application that is Microsoft SQL based. This technology allows you to search multiple strings of data quickly and easily.

  42. Reservations Tee Time Reports

  43. Sample Reports

  44. Sample Reports

  45. Sample Reports

  46. Easily run reports and custom reports from the tee sheet. Click the console button

  47. Notice the available tee time reports on the top right hand side. Click Reservation

  48. Here you can design and save personal and specific reports. Click the open button to see your saved reports

  49. In this section you can access your previously saved reports. Alternatively click the add button and design your own report based on filters, rules and date ranges. Once designed save them for easy access. Click Add

  50. Choose from 1000’s of filters and information ranges. Once your choices are made click OK. Then drill down further before clicking Save As