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Automate Your Home and Vehicle Using Your Smartphone or Tablet PowerPoint Presentation
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Automate Your Home and Vehicle Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

Automate Your Home and Vehicle Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

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Automate Your Home and Vehicle Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

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  1. Automate Your Home and Vehicle Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

  2. Jason R. Rich Bestselling Author /Journalist Photographer /Blogger Download This Presentation

  3. Topics To Be Covered Use your smartphone or tablet to automate your home or office… • Control Lights • Door Locks • Appliances • Home Security • Television & Stereo

  4. Topics To Be Covered • Vehicle Navigation (GPS) • Car Maintenance • Infotainment System • Hands-Free Cell Phone Plus, remotely control and manage your vehicle…

  5. What You’ll Need To Get Started A smartphone (such as the iPhone) or tablet (such as the iPad), along with a basic understanding of how to use it. Specialized equipment that’s compatible with your mobile device. A proprietary app that runs on your mobile device, and that controls the equipment via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a Cellular data connection.

  6. Smartphone & Tablet Wireless Communications • Bluetooth • AirPlay (Apple Only) • Wi-Fi (Wireless Home Network)

  7. Automate Your Home Lighting

  8. Automate Your Home Lighting • Price: $299.00 for the Hue starter kit, which include the Hub & 3 bulbs. • Additional bulbs: $59.00 - $79.99. • Must have a wireless home network. • Fully controllable using an iPhone app. • Set individual bulbs to display any of more than a million colors.

  9. Automate Your Door Locks Lockitron - $179.00 – Place over the existing dead bolt lock(s) in your home and control them from your iPad. ( Kwikset – $219.95 - Replace the dead bolt locks with this Bluetooth-enabled lock. (

  10. Automate Your Home’s Temperature The NEST thermostat can be controlled remotely from your iPhone or iPad, plus learns your living habits and will ultimately save you money on monthly heating/air conditioning costs. ($249.00,

  11. Automate Your Appliances Use Belkin’sWeMo to plug in any appliance, such as a lamp, and control it from your iPhone or iPad from anywhere. This adapter plugs into any electrical outlet with no installation required. ($59.99,

  12. Automate Your Home Security & Video Monitoring Almost all popular home security companies now offer wireless control over alarm systems, video surveillance, door locks, etc., using an iPhone app. An installation fee, plus a monthly fee typically apples.

  13. Automate Your Television Control your TiVo DVR, Direct TV DVR or Cable Box/DVR from an iPhone app, and be able to record shows from anywhere. The latest versions of these apps also allow you to stream and watch recorded programs and live programming from your iPhone or iPad.

  14. Universal Remote Control Apps Transform your smartphone or tablet into a programmable and customized remote control for your television, stereo and/or home theater system. Re Universal Remote Control App (Free) MyURemote App ($36.99)

  15. Automate Your Stereo Install wireless (Bluetooth or AirPlay) speakers throughout your home and listen to music from your iPhone or iPad. This includes iTunes Radio, Pandora or music you purchase and that’s stored on your device.

  16. Automate Your Vehicle Starting in 2013 or 2014 model vehicles, more than a dozen car manufacturers have teamed up with Apple to utilize iOS In Your Car and Siri Eyes-Free to make using an iPhone safe while driving. Each is doing this is a slightly different way.

  17. Automate Your Vehicle:Navigation Instead of using a stand-alone or in-dash GPS, use a navigation app that’s built into your iPhone. In addition to the Maps app, there’s Google Maps and BringGo, for example, which offer full GPS functionality. *In some GM cars, BringGo works with the in-dash infotainment system.

  18. Automate Your Vehicle: Maintenance GM Car Owners Can Use OnStar RemoteLink. All Other Vehicle Owners Can Use Automatic Link. ($99.00, • Check your car’s fuel tank, oil and tire pressure from your iPhone. • Remotely lock or unlock the car doors. • Turn on the ignition. • Diagnose a Check Engine light problem. • Record trip data and analyze fuel efficiency. • Discover where your car is parked.

  19. Automate Your Vehicle:Infotainment Many 2013 and 2014 vehicles can wirelessly link with an iPhone or iPad. This allows you to stream content (music) and use apps through the in-dash infotainment system. You can also make/receive calls (hands-free), and use Siri to send/receive text messages or emails (eyes-free) while driving.

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