types of leathers used in leather shoes n.
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Types of leathers used in leather shoes PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of leathers used in leather shoes

Types of leathers used in leather shoes

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Types of leathers used in leather shoes

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  1. Types of leathers used in leather shoes Leather shoes are certainly considered as one of the most important possessions owned by a man. Leather shoes are classy, stylish and manly. These shoes add an element of style on any outfit that a man wears, thereby making him look dapper like nobody else. Unlike different leather objects such as coats, purses or furniture, Kosher leather shoes are stretched over a last in order to create the shoe upper. In order to do this, leather has to be within a range of thickness. Following is the study of different types of leathers used in the shoes: One of the most preferred leathers that is used in the Kosher leather shoes is calfskin. Calfskin comes from a calf and has a tighter fiber and grain. At the same time, it is lighter and thinner than the hide of a cow. This eventually makes for better shoe leather. Other types of animal leathers include the following: · · · · Peccary from pig Kidskin from goat Cordovan shell from the horse Bovine leather from calfskin or cowhide. Apart from this, there are many other exotic kinds of leathers which are used to make Kosher leather shoes. These include the leather of animals such as elephant, kangaroo, buffalo, alligator, ostrich, crocodile, lizard, and snake.

  2. The use of leather in shoes: The leather in the shoes is used in the following places: · · · · · The insole of the shoe The outsole of the shoe The lining of the shoe The heel of the shoe Upper of the shoe Buy the best Kosher leather shoes now.