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NBA Playoff

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NBA Playoff
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NBA Playoff

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  1. NBA Playoff By Ifan Yang

  2. What The NBA 2010 playoff. Playoff is all the top team in the NBA season come together and play for NBA championship rings. It is a best out of 7 knock out game. In NBA there is different divisions, teams plays more games with other teams within their division, playoff is a time that team can play more games against other team from different divisions. In the beginning only the number 1 team from each division gets to go in the play off but now 2nd even 3rd gets to go in to the playoff.

  3. When It started on April 17, 2010, when the first game took place. The ending time of the playoff is not sure, because all each series may have a minimum of 4 games, and maximum of 7.

  4. Who NBA player from the sixteen teams that got in to the playoff. The coaches, broadcaster are also important in order for this to happen. Most important is the crowed who cheer on each team, with out them there will not be NBA.

  5. Why There is NBA playoff to see which is the best team, and to get the NBA championship rings. The number one team in the regular season don’t always win but they have the home-court advantage.

  6. Playoff Tree

  7. Teams in the playoff Eastern Conference Western Conference • Cleveland (Central 1st) • Orlando ( Southeast 1st) • Atlanta • Boston ( Atlantic 1st) • Miami • Milwaukee • Charlotte • Chicago • L.A. Lakers (Pacific 1st) • Dallas (Southwest 1st) • Phoenix • Denver ( Northwest 1st) • Utah • Portland • San Antonio • Oklahoma City

  8. Team Still in the Playoff • Lakers • Jazz • Sun Western Conference Eastern Conference • Cavaliers • Magic • Celtic • Hawks

  9. Round 1 Score Western Conference Eastern Conference

  10. ROUND 2 Scored

  11. Interesting facts Home-court advantage

  12. What is home-court advantage? Home-court advantage is a rule in NBA playoff. The team with the better regular-season record gets the home-court advantage. As you can tell from the name, the team gets home court. In NBA playoff, the first two games are played at the team with better record, next two are play at the other team’s home court. They spite the two games. The final game is at the first team’s court.

  13. What is the advantage of having home court There is many good things about having the home court. First of all, when the visiting team making a free throw, home fans behind the backboard waves their arms or other objects in an attempt to break the visiting player's focus. Second, the home team are used to there court, such as the parquet floor at the Boston Celtics' former home court contained many defect, the player are more familiar with the playing surface. During the 1985–1986 season, Celtics has a home game record being 40-1. This record still stands in NBA.

  14. My prediction This year I think magic is going to get in to the final to play against Laker. Magic have played very well in the play off. They had two 4-games series, they are in really good shape to play against Celtics or Cavaliers, because those two teams will play a long series. Laker is a team that is too good not to go in to the final, they played very well every playoff.

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  17. Why did I chose this? I chose this because I like basketball, and playoff is one of the most impotent thing in NBA. So I had to pick it. If I had to pick between basketball and hockey I would pick basketball.

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