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  1. Beads Beads: History, Use and Types

  2. Beads: History, Use and Types One of the most popular categories in fashion jewelry and accessory section is beads. Beads come in different styles and quality and are used in a selection of fashion jewelries. Beads are one of those products that come for low prices as well as high prices depending on the quality, manufacturing technique, bead type and material. Beads have an emblematic meaning as well but they are largely used in making fashion accessory and jewelry. It is believed that shell beads are the oldest form of jewelry known to humanity. The existence of beads and beaded jewelry can be traced back to close to a million years back. Africa claims of having the oldest beads that are dated to 72,000 years ago. However, other shell beads that were found much later in Morocco in 2007 are believed to date back to at least 110.000 years ago.

  3. Fashion Accessories beads The use of beads is not restricted to fashion accessories, they have symbolic meaning as well. The Rudraksha Beads and the Tibetean Dzi Beads are extensively used to make rosaries. There are other ethnic beads too, the use of which remains privy to certain tribes and regions. However, for those who have an eye for best beads for jewelry and accessories, there are many other types of beads available.A number of categories and sub categories can be found with respect to material, shape, manufacturing process, origin, surface pattern and price

  4. Beads Materials Beads come in a number of materials. Earlier, beads made from natural material were used widely; these natural beads were then given shape, cut and design with the use of designing tools. Natural beads are easy to work on but with the advancement in technique and design, manufacturers of beads started experimenting more with synthetic material and other difficult materials. From striking glass beads to seed beads, from natural wood beads to artificial acrylic beads, from low priced plastic beads to semi preciousbeads supplier, there is much to explore and discover. Beads are made from ceramic, glass, pottery, wood, bronze, brass and/or more exclusive material as found in Indian Bead that is only found in certain areas, including the American Midwest.