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Semalt Expert: WordPress Security Issues Everyone Has To Know

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Semalt Expert: WordPress Security Issues Everyone Has To Know

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  1. 23.05.2018 Semalt Expert: WordPress Security Issues Everyone Has To Know Many commercial and institutional practices are going online. As a result, the online ?eld is becoming the best target for cyber criminals to execute their attacks. Many entrepreneurs and e-commerce website owner do not have suf?cient knowledge and skills to build and host their websites. As a result, they opt for methods like DIY tools and hosting platforms like HostGator. Most of the content management systems, which they rely on include WordPress platform. WordPress hosts up to 24% of all the websites worldwide. This situation means that hackers have a big playing ?eld to meet their opponents. Finding a hack-proof system is often a dream. Frank Abagnale, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, gives reasons why people prefer WordPress. First of all, they have an open source platform as well as many plugins, which can carry out major tasks. As a result, WordPress is a standard content management system, which serves to enable people to host many websites. However, WordPress has a disadvantage. As much as there are many people creating websites in WordPress, a majority of the hacker's target WordPress sites too. For instance, if a hacker ?nds a hole in the security system of WordPress, or in a plugin available for WordPress, they can quickly automate a huge number of attacks, which can be sending user information or other valuable information to secret locations. https://rankexperience.com/articles/article1118.html 1/2

  2. 23.05.2018 Protection from spam Spammers are people who try to bait victims into carrying out some tasks, but the intention behind the conceal is not okay. For example, some spammers may try to trick people into clicking infectious links. In other times, they may have phishing pages, which give them lots of valuable data. In the modern ages, spammers use attachments, which contain malware such as Trojans. You should sensitize your clients against these kinds of attacks. Hackers are behind all spam attacks. They may need user credentials, credit card information, website control or other dirty motives behind their attacks. Employing security measures for your site can save it against many attacks. Human attackers, bots, and botnets When curbing hack attacks, it is important to ?gure out who or what is behind the attack. Human attackers are real people who perform the tasks with their goal in mind. Bots are simple software like robots, which represent a person in executing a task. On the other hand, a botnet is a network of many bots, like millions, which can be sent to strike various exploits and provide the results to the hacker in a particular location. Conclusion The security of your website as well as that of your customers depends heavily on you as the admin. When creating websites, we ignore the possible cyber-crimes, which can make the entire e-commerce website tumble down. A lot of SEO efforts get lost in the hands of hackers who help competitors by introducing unfair competition. The situation gets worse with WordPress websites, mainly because their security systems are known to them. Furthermore, WordPress has the highest number of sites. Some techniques, which can protect yourself in WordPress are in this guideline. You can also ensure the security of your traf?c, visitors as well as enhance SEO in Google through security checks. https://rankexperience.com/articles/article1118.html 2/2

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