fjernvarmeforskningen i iea district heating cooling n.
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Fjernvarmeforskningen i IEA District heating & cooling PowerPoint Presentation
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Fjernvarmeforskningen i IEA District heating & cooling

Fjernvarmeforskningen i IEA District heating & cooling

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Fjernvarmeforskningen i IEA District heating & cooling

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  1. Fjernvarmeforskningen i IEA District heating & cooling Heidi Juhler, AlternatememberExCo

  2. IEA-DHCǀCHP Annex X: towards 4th generation district heating. Experiences with and potential of low-temperature district heating. Presentation of the status report at the ExCo meeting New York, USA – 19 - 21 September, 2013 Hongwei Li Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  3. The goal of the project is to bring experience, knowledge and solutions for the 4th Generation District Heating systems to a level where they are ready to be implemented widely. Phase I: document experiences in mature DH countries with very low temperature systems serving highly energy-efficient new-build developments Phase II: analyze and extend the scope of lessons arising from early examples of low-temperature systems, in order to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits, effectively formulating a blueprint for a new generation of district heating. Project summary slide 3

  4. Economic and Design Optimization in Integrating Renewable Energy and Waste Heat with District Energy Systems Presentation of the status report at the ExCo meeting New York City, USA - Sept. 19-21, 2013 Mark Spurr FVB Energy Inc.

  5. High Grade Resources Have reliably high temperatures that always exceed the DES supply temperature, and can be used directly whenever it is available. Low Grade Resources Have lower temperatures that are sometimes or always insufficient relative to the DES supply temperature but always sufficient relative to the DES return temperature. If the temperature of the source falls below the DES supply temperature, the temperature must be polished with other energy sources. Below Grade Resources Always have temperatures lower than the return temperature in the DES, and must be upgraded with a heat pump. Renewable Energy & Waste Heat (REWH)

  6. At what temperature is the Renewable Energy or Waste Heat (REWH) available, and how does it compare with the supply and return temperatures of the DES? Representative resource temperatures (at left), with heat pump increase shown in grey. Temperature of REWH resource

  7. Project Improved maintenance strategies for district heating pipe-lines Presentation of the status report at the ExCo meeting New York (USA) 19-21 September 2013 Nazdaneh Yarahmadi, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

  8. Tools for obtaining actual technical status of pre-insulated bonded pipes in operation A model for decision making regarding actions to be taken based on Technical status Forecasted operational parameters Requirements on robustness & redundancy Costs for energy loss, maintenance & reconstruction Predicted degradation & remaining technical life based on Accelerated aged pipes Pipes from field operation Synthesis of available studies Objectives of project slide 10

  9. The accelerated ageing of pipes with both a standard and a thinner casing is continuing. The pipes are exposed to an ambient temperature of 70°C. The service pipes are kept at four levels: 70°C, 130°C, 140°C and 150°C Hence, accelerated ageing cause both deterioration of PUR at service pipe and deterioration of polyethylene casing. Status of project 1(3) slide 11

  10. Presentation of the status report at the ExCo meeting New York, USA of ExCo meeting – 19th, 20nd to 21st of September 2013 Jacob Stang SINTEF Energy Development of Universal Calculation Model and Calculation Tool for Primary Energy Factors and CO Equivalents in District Heating and Cooling including CHPContract number: IEA-X-C-004

  11. Ny utlysning for annex XI Temaer: • Cost Reduction in District Heating & Cooling • System Transformation from High to Low Temperature District Heating Operation • Resource Planning and Business Development • Søknadsfrist: 30. januar 2014 • Tildeling: Mai 2014 • Se for øvrig: